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We all get stressed. However, we don’t always take it very seriously. Sometimes, it can be positive as a motivator or as a response to danger. Although, it can also be harmful to your overall health. Stress can take many different shapes.  Routinely, it can relate to family, work, school or other responsibilities. On the other hand, it can come from traumatic events or sudden life changes. Regardless, it’s important to take care of ourselves when we feel stress the doesn’t necessarily motivate us in healthy ways.  Are there solutions?  Enter Herbal Stress Relievers.

Herbal Stress Relievers: Do They Work?

Otherwise, our bodies could start to experience the negative effects that stressors can deliver. Stress can suppress immune, digestive, sleep, and reproductive systems. People experience stress differently, so it can be hard to spot or predict how it can affect you. However, that makes it all the more important to protect yourself from it. You can manage the stress in your life in many ways. Talking to your doctor about stress, regular exercise, and taking time to relax can alleviate some stress. There are also herbal stress remedies you can use to fight it.

Chamomile Herbal Stress Remedies

Many people turn to a nice, hot cup of chamomile tea to calm their nerves. The herbal remedy contains an important compound called matricaria recutita. This compound can bind to receptors in your brain in a way that is similar to Valium. One study supports chamomile as a stress reliever. Patients in the clinical trial suffered from generalized anxiety disorder. When they consumed chamomile in the form of a supplement for eight weeks, their symptoms saw a significant decrease. Usually, supplements with chamomile contain dried chamomile flowers. However, most consume the herbal remedies through tea. Plus, there’s nothing more calming that a nice hot cup of tea!

Lavender Herbal Stress Remedies

If you have ever smelled lavender, you may understand this one. Its scent is used in many cosmetic products for this very reason. However, its scent is also used for aromatherapy. This herbal stress remedy calms people through its scent. Try using an essential oil spray on your bed pillow. Or, you could purchase topical lotions made with this heavenly scent. In one study, patients in a dental office were much less anxious when the waiting room smelled of this herbal remedy. There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home from a stressful day and taking a deep breath of lavender. Try this herbal remedy next time you’re feeling anxious!

As you can see, there are many different ways to reduce stress. Exercise, relaxation, and talking to a medical professional about stress are all important parts of alleviating it. However, there are some herbal remedies that you can try too! If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities on your plate, it’s important to practice self-care to prevent long-term health issues down the road. A nice cup of chamomile tea or some lavender essential oil on your pillowcase can help you feel more relaxed at home. Try picking up some of these herbal stress remedies to fight back against anxiousness.

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