While our site is 99% about providing valuable content, we still need to make money to pay our bills.  That means that sometimes we’ll be recommending certain products.  While we do stand behind the products we recommend, it’s important to note that sometimes we’re receiving money for our recommendation.  Now we want to make this as clear as possible, when you buy a product from one of our recommended product links, we get a portion of that sale.  It’s a common practice, and one that a TON of review sites use.

Here’s why we do it.  One, we have to pay our bills.  Two, we like how non-intrusive it is to the readers.  You won’t be seeing a lot of ads, no pop-ups, none of that kind of stuff.   It’s a small thing that we appreciate when we visit other sites, and one that we definitely wanted to continue here at Natural Cleanse Review.  After all, we want our readers to be engaged, not extorted.

A few words of caution.  While we do recommend certain products, a lot of these products have trial offers that can be a bit tricky to understand.  So if you do order through one of our affiliate links, be sure to write down the contact information for that company.  We don’t keep that information on record here, so the buyer bears the brunt of that burden.

While we don’t typically get requests to directly feature a product, we are open to writing about a specific product on request.  If you have a product you want featured, reach out to us via email on the contact page.

If you have any questions about our disclaimers, feel free to contact us.  We hope to be as transparent as possible with our site and our posts.

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