Best Low Carb Dinners

Fat isn’t the faux pas it once was. While many weight loss philosophies used to be framed around the fundamental concept of low-fat meal plans, modern viewpoints are shifting. As our understanding of weight loss and human metabolism continues to advance, we are strating to realize that dietary fat is not necessarily the enemy. Sure, this might seem counter-intuitive, considering that fat is exactly what most conscious eaters are trying to get rid of. But in reality, our bodies can turn the right fats into valuable energy and fuel. It is carbohydrates that are now under the gun, so identifying the best low carb dinners is a smart tactic for anyone looking to shed pounds.

Many of the most popular new diets are focusing on these evolving principles. The amount of fat you can consume on some of these new age plans might surprise you. On the keto diet, for instance, it is perfectly acceptable to eat a greasy bacon and eggs breakfast every day. Butter? Load up! And this is a scientific diet plan that comes from expert nutritionists at Mayo Clinic. It’s not voodoo or a gimmick. The reality is that our bodies are much better able to convert fat into energy than carbs, which too often end up in excess fat stores.

Of course, cutting out carbohydrates can be extremely tough. You’ll miss out on your sweets and sugars, to be sure, but that’s usually an expectation with dieting. More challenging is the removal of some relatively healthy foods that include high carb content. Beans, grains, dairy and fruit offer plenty of nutritional value. But due to the carbs, they are items to avoid in these innovative diet plans. This might make it sound awfully tough to come up with meals and fill your plate. However, there are plenty of delicious ways to do so. Here are some of the best low carb dinners we’ve come across.

Best Low Carb Dinners for Dieting

Sometimes, cutting out the carbs requires a bit of creativity. There are substitutions and tweaks you can make in order to still enjoy many of your favorite foods. And the impact of this dietary alteration in terms of energy and weight loss may truly stun you.

Lettuce Wrap Tacos

There are few foods with the same level of universal affection as tacos. They are simply amazing. But erasing carbs means no tortillas. That’s alright, just sub in some lettuce, which serves as a great vehicle for the fillings and carries virtually no calories. Then fill them up with chicken, corn and avocado.

Steak and Eggs

It’s traditionally more of a breakfast configuration, but why limit yourself? Grill up a big juicy steak and serve it alongside a couple of eggs for a massive protein punch. These types of meals are especially helpful for muscle builders. A flank steak salad is another of the best low carb dinners for protein and nutrients.

Zucchini Spaghetti

Pasta is one of the toughtest things for a lot of people to give up when they’re cutting carbs. If you’ve never tried using a veggie as your pasta substitute before, then you really should try it. Thinly sliced zucchini makes a great choice in spaghetti or many other pasta dish. Heck, you might even end up liking it better.

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