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Yogurt is a staple part of most people’s diet. As long as you are lactose tolerant, you can reap in the benefits of this amazing food. Protein and calcium-rich, yogurt can give your bones and muscles a boost. But does yogurt burn fat? Some recent studies also found that yogurt can help you lose weight and even fight disease. Read more to find out how yogurt can improve your body and your life.

Does Yogurt Burn Fat?

Yogurt comes in countless varieties. From Greek to soy to organic, they all have different benefits. So, it depends on what you need. But just 18 ounces of any type of yogurt can help you drop the pounds. When you opt for yogurt, you could lose up to 22% more weight than those who choose another snack. In addition, it can reduce belly fat by up to 80%. When you carry a lot of weight around the belly region, this can force your body to produce more cortisol. And since cortisol is the stress hormone, this can cause anxiety and stress. And it makes your body produce even more cortisol and fat. It’s just an endless cycle. Yogurt signals to your fat cells to ease up the cortisol production. And the amino acids found in yogurt boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Probiotics And Yogurt

Another health benefit of yogurt is the good bacteria in most brands. Just look for brands that say “live” or “active cultures”. But don’t worry – this type of bacteria is beneficial for your gut. And it will help you digest food faster and easier. Basically, when the good bacteria is introduced to your gut, they overcrowd the bad bacteria. This bad bacteria can cause intestinal infections. And this can cause you to have digestive issues and even gain weight.

If you suffer from IBS, bloating, gas, or other digestive issues, these live and active strains could help you become more regular. Although the research isn’t yet proven, reviews all over the internet claim that it can help.

Vitamin-Rich Yogurt

If you’re trying to lose weight, you want to do it in a healthy way. Basically, if you lose weight healthily, it’s more likely to stick. Just one serving of most yogurt brans contains a significant amount of vitamin Bs, zine, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, and riboflavin. For women, this is about 60% of your daily need for vitamin B12, too.

Yogurt And Working Out

Since yogurt is so nutrient rich, it can also help you recover faster from intense workouts. In fact, it makes the perfect post-workout snack. And that’s because it’s also rich in beneficial fats and fibers. So, you feel fuller, and you’re getting all the protein you need to develop lean and solid muscle.

Protein And Yogurt

Linking to the paragraph above, one of the main reasons people love yogurt so much is because it’s rich in protein. Protein helps us develop and maintain muscle. And even if you’re not looking to get ripped, you should still be eating enough protein in a day. Protein also gives us energy, so it’s truly beneficial for almost anyone.

Yogurt And Weight Loss

All in all, using yogurt to lose weight is a great idea. Not only are you getting all the nutrients you need, but it actively works to reduce fat. In fact, it can burn fat and boost your metabolism. For other weight loss ideas, check out our articles here! Thanks for reading!

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