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Even if you’re trying to eat smart and adhere to nutritious eating guidelines, sometimes you probably want to let loose. We all get the sweet tooth now and then. You don’t necessarily need to run from it. The bottom line with a good diet you can stick with is that it needs to allow some flexibility. It’s OK to “cheat” in moderation. But it helps if your cheating still follows general advisable fundamentals. Want to sneak in some sweets? Then aim for the healthiest candy choices, as they will be the least significant setbacks in weight loss progress. In fact, some of them can actually yield legitimate wellness benefits. Read on, and we will explain how.

As you probably know, the main reason we mostly avoid candy on diets is the high sugar content. Sugars are essentially pure carbs, and they tend to quickly turn into fat cells within our bodies. It’s especially problematic with the added refined sugars in dessert items, which are usually empty calories. Some new-age diet cabs that emphasize low carbohydrate intake even rule out sugars in fruits and other healthy foods. So in searching for the healthiest candy, the goal is to identify options with relatively low sugar content. It’s a bonus if you can find candies that actually serve up some perks.

What Are The Healthiest Candy Choices?

Now, we’re certainly not recommending you make these sweets staples in your diet. You won’t probably want to consume them on a daily basis. However, they’re great dessert targets that enable you to let loose a little bit without setting back your goals much. Are any of the tasty treats below among your favorites? If not, maybe you should give them another shot. They are delicious and (somewhat) nutritious!

Dark Chocolate

Of all the candies on this list, this one has the best case for actually being healthy. Like, not just less unhealthy, but actually good for you. Unlike milk chocolate or other sweetened versions, dark chocolate is low on added sugar. It unleashes the full natural health properties of the cocoa bean. And that bean, in and of itself, carries some potent nutrients. Most notably, it is an excellent source of antioxidants, which carry a wide range of advantages including anti-aging qualities. Dark chocolate is not just something you should feel the urge to avoid. It’s actually worth going out of your way to eat!


The famous red licorice ranks among the healthiest candy brands because of its low fat content. It’s still fairly high in sugar, sodium and carbs, so you should definitely limit your intake. But munching on a few ropes of the fruity candy won’t set you back too much.

Chocolate Bars with Nuts

Most nuts are very healthy, containing protein that your body can use as fuel. If you gobble up a candy bar with lots of nuts in it, you are at least deriving some benefit along with the sugars and fats. Obviously, per the recommendation above, it helps if the candy bar also includes dark chocolate.


These chocolate covered raisins offer up some fiber and antioxidants thanks to the fruity center. Naturally, the chocolate surrounding those raisins won’t help, but if you limit yourself to a handful or two you have nothing to worry about. It’s a good quick fix for satiating a needy sweet tooth.

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