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If you were to search every way possible to lose weight before you tried any then you would probably never lose weight. There are so many out there that it can be tough to just pick one to try. Some are diet based, focusing on restricting calories, carbs, sugars or fasts. Others are devised based on different exercise workouts. Others still incorporate both. Today, we will be looking at different types of strategies used to help improve weight loss. As we discuss these techniques we will attempt to see what science has to say about them.

Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is based on the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It aims to provide a list of foods consumed before the development of agriculture, the way humans were genetically designed to eat.

How It Works – A paleo diet consists of avoiding processed foods, sugar, dairy and grains. Its emphasis is rather on consuming whole foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and lean proteins. There are some diets that are flexible enough to included dairy and potatoes.

Pros – There are several studies that validate the benefits of the paleo diet, stating it can lead to significant weight loss. The paleo diet general tends to be reduced in carbs and increased in protein, while having 300-900 less calories consumed daily. Sources claim that this is an effective way to reduce heart disease risk factors – cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressures.

Cons – Although the paleo diet has a lot of benefits, there is a downside. This diet eliminates whole grains, legumes and dairy. This effectively exclusive several health and nutrition benefits of these food groups.

Vegan Diet

The vegan diet, not to be confused with the vegetarian diet, is a diet that consists exclusively of fruits and vegetables, while excluding all animal based proteins. This includes, eggs, fish, and dairy. Not only does the vegan lifestyle exclude all forms of animal derived sustenance, but it avoids animal exploitation.

How It Works – Veganism is the strictest branch of vegetarianism. It excludes meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin, honey, albumin, whey, casein and even some forms of vitamin D3.

Pros – The vegan diet is shows effectiveness even without the necessity of counting calories. This is primarily due to the extremely low fat and high fiber content of the diet. Fiber helps provides long lasting energy and suppresses appetite for much longer. Veganism is linked to lower BMI and body weight than other diets.

Cons – The exclusion of so many food groups can lead to the deprivation of several types of nutrients. The primary nutrients lacking in non-supplemented vegan diets includes vitamin B12, vitamin D, iodine, iron, calcium, zinc and omeg-3 fatty acids.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is and always will be a popular and efficient way to lose weight. Regular exercise requires several hours a week of rigorous activity to help burn fat and lower BMI.

How It Works – There are a vast number of ways to exercise. Two primary categories divide exercise into cardiovascular training and weight training. Cardiovascular training is based on prolonged body movement exercises that increase the heart rate and burn calories. Weight training involves repetitious force against weighted equipment. This is intended to strengthen, tone or build muscle to burn body fat and decrease body weight.

Pros – Exercise has a lot of benefits. It can help you improve your energy and fitness. In addition, it is great for cognitive performance by boosting dopamine and serotonin, which is great for improving memory and mental well-being. It also can make you look and feel younger.

Cons – There are some disadvantages of exercising. It can increase your risk of injuries, both in short and long term. It also can cause the “halo effect” which leads to splurges believe to be earned from all your hard work, that can actually end up causing increased weight gain. It can also be very time consuming and maybe even disrupt the flow of relationships.

Final Word

Before you start any diet, be sure to talk with your doctor.  They might do more harm than good. The same goes for exercising.  If you work with your doctor to lose weight, you’re going to get better results.  If you want to read our article on whether or not dieting is actually safe, click the link.

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