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Losing weight is never easy. From working out to sparse diet plans, it can be easy to lose the motivation to keep going. But what if there was a way to eat delicious food, while also boosting your chances to lose weight? There are countless kinds of food that naturally burn fat, otherwise known as Natural Thermogenic Foods. And when eaten with an exercise regimen, you can start to lose weight faster than ever. Keep reading to learn more about how they work!

How Do Thermogenic Foods Work?

Thermogenic foods may increase your metabolism and burn more calories than other types of foods. It’s your body’s job to burn calories to use as energy. However, in our culture, many of us eat too much and move too little. Basically, we eat more than our body can keep up with. So, the calories turn into fat stores, which can eventually cause obesity and other weight-related issues. Even so, sometimes physical activity will simply maintain your weight. And it often isn’t enough to lose weight. Many of these thermogenic foods work differently to increase your metabolism. So, keep reading to learn more!


One of the best ways to curb cravings, while also burning fat, is to consume more spicy food. If you have a low tolerance for spiciness, just know it is something you can get used to rather quickly. Hot peppers and black pepper increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Both capsaicin (found in hot peppers) and piperine (found in black pepper) influence the thermogenesis process by stimulating the nervous system.

Green Tea

Green tea has countless benefits. In fact, this kind of tea in particular contains both caffeine and catechins. Both substances are known to boost thermogenesis, while also enhancing the effects of one another.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many uses, as well as benefits. Don’t let the words scare you, but coconut oil contains high levels of medium-chain fatty acids. These types of fats actually inhibit fat deposition. So, switch out your possibly carcinogenic cooking oils for coconut oil, or add some in your coffee for an added fat-burning boost!


Caffeine is one of the most effective thermogenic substances. Not only does it give you an energy boost, but it also keeps you feeling less hungry. You’ll also experience a higher metabolic rate, so you can achieve better fat-burning effects.

Lean Meats

Protein is essential for good health. And eating a substantial amount will increase the thermogenic effect, and help enhance your metabolism. Plus, you’ll develop leaner and stronger muscle in the meantime!


As one of the healthiest foods in the world, lentils contain iron and fiber. Yet they’re low in cholesterol and fat. So, you can stay within your caloric goals, while feeling energized and healthy at the same time.

Fruits and Vegetables (heavy on the veggies, please!)

Consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will ensure that your caloric intake is less than the calories needed to digest. So, basically, just eating certain fruits and vegetables causes you to burn more calories than you consume. That said, it’s better to eat more veggies than fruits, as the high sugar content in fruit is not so great for your body. But sugars from fruits are still beneficial, especially compared to sugar from processed foods.


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