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Even if you take daily measures to lower the number on the scale, you might feel like the night time is restricting you. When we hit the hay, what follows is eight hours (or thereabouts) where you can’t actively push forward your slimming objectives. Right? Well, not necessarily. It turns out, there are some helpful steps that are conducive to helping you lose weight while sleeping.

We’re not talking about some miracle elixir that you can drink and then wake up five pounds lighter in the morning. But the reality is that, while our brains shut down during sleep, our bodily systems remain quite active. And if you take the proper steps, you can ensure that it is working for you. Over time, working to lose weight while sleeping can make a profound impact on your transformation program.

How Can I Lose Weight While Sleeping?

Today we will share a few tactics for ensuring that you’re moving forward, and not backward, in your progress toward reaching weight loss goals while getting shut-eye. Stick to these five healthy habits to stay on track after you hit the sack.

Don’t Eat After Dinner!

This is probably the most important consideration. When we eat food during the day, our body metabolizes it because we are moving around and staying active. At night, while we’re sleeping, calorie-burning and fat elimination are much less significant. Now, this isn’t to say you should go to bed hungry. Small healthy snacks in the late hours are OK. But if you chow down anything sugary or carrying a high glycemic index, you will pay for it. A hearty breakfast in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism for the day, so waking up hungry is a good thing.

Take Steps for Quality Sleep

When we sleep poorly, or go through intermittent periods of wakefulness, the processes that take place at night diminish. Sleeping soundly is important for all of the critical functions taking place after dark. Supplements or foods containing tryptophan are recommendable because they help you doze off peacefully and without interreption. Additionally, turning off the TV and any electronics before bed is a good idea.

Work Out in the Evening

Exercising is a good idea at any time of day. But if you get your workout in later in the day, you can enjoy an ongoing metabolism boost that lingers into the overnight hours. Plus, a good hard session at the gym will tire you out and help you sleep better.

Sleep in the Cold

You might think that turning up the heat and sweating beneath the sheets will enhance your calorie-torching efficiency. However, studies suggest the opposite is true: sleeping in cooler temperatures improves the rate of our metabolism and increases the impact of brown fat (the good kind).

Spot of Tea

This might be something you already do. Many individuals find it soothing to sip a hot cup of tea before bed. Many herbal brews are nutritious and contain fat-melting properties. We particularly recommend peppermint because it can both aid good sleep and suppress appetite to prevent late-night hunger pangs.

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