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It seems like almost every week there’s new diet trends or cleansing gimmicks popping up. If you feel a general sense of skepticism toward these fads, then you’re wise to do so. Many of these approaches lack scientific, or even logical, backing. But the keto diet is a different breed. It’s not some glitzy internet sensation or celebrity weight loss headline. Instead, it was developed at the prestigious Mayo Clinic by experts and nutritionists. It has basis in very legitimate principles, but does keto diet work when it comes to sustainably losing weight?

How Does Keto Diet Work?

The fundamental core of the keto diet is reaching a ketogenic state, wherein your body reaches a higher level of fat-burning. Here’s how the concept works: our body typically converts carbohydrates into blood sugar (glucose), which it then uses as energy. But when these supplies are low, the body instead turns to ketones for fuel. These molecules, produced in the liver, are produced from fat rather than sugar. So when you enter that ketogenic state, your body is literally drawing from fat stores to find usable energy.

With this plan, the idea is that you sub carbs out of your diet almost completely. Meanwhile, you can eat a fair amount of fat. This might sound contrary to the goals you’re trying to achieve. However, modern research is making it clear that carbs, much more than fat, are the enemy of weight loss. This is especially true if you are focusing your intake on healthy fats with legit benefits.

Does Keto Diet Work?

How does keto diet work in comparison to popular alternatives? Numerous in-depth studies on the matter have shown that low-carb diets like the ketogenic technique are considerably more effective than most others. When you’re relying up on the kind of solid principles and concepts that this approach does, you’re likely to see better results. And the beauty of keto diet is that it offers a number of positive effects even beyond the weight loss.

For instance, by effectively turning fats into energy while not relying upon sugar (and its inherent crash) you can enjoy a more steady and sustainable stream of energy. Some folks on the keto diet say they stop feeling the need for coffee after a while. It also can be helpful for reversing Type 2 diabetes, thanks to the huge reduction in sugar intake. And because ketones are particularly adept at fueling the brain, you may experience sharper mental focus.

Are there downsides? Well, the biggest one is that this regimen can be tough to stick with. Many will appreciate the flexibility to eat fatty foods. But cutting down to 5 percent carbs, as keto calls for, is tough. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll need to find other ways than sugar — even fruit — to satiate it.

But all in all, there is a wide range of benefits without a ton of side effects? Keto diet is one that is definitely worth recommending. It has basis in sound scientific facts and many people are getting really great results with it.

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