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Whenever a new trend with a weird name is making the rounds, it catches our attention. So naturally this glucomannan weight loss fad is one that emerged on our radar. The popularity of this dieting method is tough to ignore. People across the country are trying it, and many report significant success. Already, the glucomannan diet is establishing a case as one of the best diets of 2017. So, what is this new approach to slimming down, and does it have the traction to stick around as a long-term strategy?

Glucomannan is a polysacccharide that is water-soluble and it falls under the category of dietary fibers. The usage of this property as a food additive dates back a long way. It has thickening and emulsifying qualities that can be very helpful for digestion. Therein lies the health benefits, which have helped nudge this ingredient into the dieting space. Glucomannan weight loss perks are becoming more evidence as well as overall digestive advantages. Can taking a glucomannan supplement really lead to a significant drop in weight? And what are the risks of following this path?

How Glucomannan Weight Loss Works

Glucomannan comes from a plant called Asian Konjac, and is available in stores through a few different forms. There are Miracle Noodles, notably, which carry that name because they have zero calories. Glucomannan weight loss products are also available as powders and supplement capsules.

When you take glucomannan, the weight loss impact plays out on two different fronts. Firstly, the ingredient stops certain calories from being absorbed into your body. This helps alter and improve the calories in/out balance that is essential to losing weight.

The other foundation of the glucomannan weight loss plan is appetite reduction. Consuming this ingredient helps increase feelings of satiety. Therefore, the hunger pangs hit less and you can cut back on caloric intake.

Glucomannan Weight Loss Results

A few studies on the ingredient show promising results. In one test, participants took glucomannan as a powder mix with water 5-10 minutes before eating meals over a course of 14 weeks. Participants saw “significant reductions in weight, waist measurement … as well as reductions in total and LDL cholesterol and fasting insulin.” Of course, it bears noting that people in the study were also given instructions for a healthy diet and exercise plan. There were no hard calorie limits, though.

Will glucomannan supplements or powder work on their own as weight loss drivers, without coinciding efforts? That much is unclear. It’s awfully tough to find true transformative measures that don’t involve any level of physical activity or healthy meal planning. But as a component of a lifestyle, taking glucomannan definitely appears to have some credibility and backing.

Side effects are rare and usually reflect the addition of fiber to a diet that doesn’t get enough. Bloating and gas are the most commonly reported negative reactions. They are generally temporary in nature. Beyond these minor downsides, glucomannan weight loss endeavors are quite safe. Using natural properties to fuel your progress is always a smart choice.

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