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The key to a successful and effective weight loss program is one that is working for you at all times. Plans that involve short-term improvements tend to also include stalls and relapses. If you want to significantly lower the number on the scale and keep that way, it is imperative that you find ways to keep your body torching calories all day (and all night!). In light of this, we scoured scientific communities and recent breakthroughs in search of the best fat burning secrets. Our question: what are some simple steps that people can take each day to keep their body working for them?

In order to unleash these fat burning secrets, the underlying principle is that you want high functioning metabolism throughout the day. When this occurs, you benefit in two important ways. First of all, your body burns more calories, carbs and fat. That’s obviously good. But the other side of the metabolic process is the conversion of those properties into energy you can use. This then helps you focus, motivate and stay productive. Additionally, it gives you more fuel to stay active, creating a self-sustaining cycle.

Most of us are generally familiar with practices that lead to improvements in metabolism. But today we’ll dig a bit deeper with these fat burning secrets so that you can implement them and thrive. If you are serious about losing weight, then you should seriously give these methods a try.

Top Fat Burning Secrets

This is the five step plan to healthy, natural weight loss without the downsides present in other methods. Here we go…

Eat Several Small Meals Per Day

This is a core component of a proper metabolism-boosting plan. So many of us stick to the old routine of eating two or three big meals per day, and maybe sprinkling in a bit of snacking on the side. There are many reasons for this — it’s convenient, it’s the standard, etc. But in reality, your ability to manage and burn calories will be far more efficient if you instead eat five or six small meals per day. This also helps prevent fatigue and lethargy that inherently follows a gorging.

High Intensity Interval Training

Also known as HIIT, this refers to exercises that come in short and strong bursts rather than being drawn out. They aren’t easy and take significant effort but the good news is that they don’t take much time. Even if you’re only getting in five or 10 minute sessions a couple times per day, this will help kick your metabolism into high gear.

Hydroxycitric Acid

This natural property, which is at the core of garcinia cambogia extract, continually shows tremendous capabilities with regards to blocking fat production and producing natural energy. Supplements containing HCA are not hard to find, but make sure you find a good one. You’ll want an all-natural garcinia formula with at least a 50 percent HCA infusion. Taking such capsules daily will give you a hugely helpful added edge.

Cleanse Your System

In order for metabolism and the calorie-energy conversion to operate at peak capacity, we must do everything possible to ensure our digestive system is free of toxins and inhibitors. Over time, we tend to experience build-up of waste materials and remnants that stick in our gut. These can cause issues and lead to fatigue. One of the best fat burning secrets is a good routine for detoxifying and cleansing your system on a regular basis. A natural fiber cleanse diet is an excellent approach.

Keep it Going While You Sleep

Many people do not realize it but the time spent in bed getting shut-eye can be very productive in the slimming process. There are many effective tactics to lose weight while sleeping , such as avoiding meals before bed and keeping temperatures cooler.

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