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Diet books are everywhere.  And, while most of them contain at least a shred of real, valuable information, a lot of them are full of garbage.  After all, why else would the world be more obese than ever, even with all this information?  One of the biggest fraudulent pieces of diet advice out there pertains to juice.  Fruit juice extremely popular.  Currently, Tropicana Products Inc., one of the biggest juice companies out there, has over 2 billion dollars in shares on the New York Stock Exchange.  That wouldn’t be the case if people weren’t drinking juice for weight loss.

The problem with drinking juice for weight loss, which is something that many books and even whole diet plans talk about, is that it’s really not that healthy for you.  In fact, you could actually gain weight from this practice.  While there are thousands of diet books out there, successful ones like Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live recommend against drinking fruit juice.  And, you might be wondering why this practice is so popular if it doesn’t actually work.  In the following paragraphs, we’ll run through exactly why drinking juice for weight loss is a no-no, why it is so popular, and what you can do instead.


Why Drinking Juice For Weight Loss Is Bad

Almost all diet experts agree that eating fruit is good for you.  After all, fruits are full of essential vitamins, especially vitamin C.  And, some of them contain important antioxidants.  Blueberries, for example, have earned the name “superfood” among the ranks of kale and broccoli.  That’s because for their calorie count, they offer an amazing amount of essential nutrients and benefits.  And, of course, when you drink blueberry juice, you can get some of those benefits.  But, what you’re really getting is a ton of sugar.

In fact, if you are drinking 100% fruit juice (and a lot of the “juice” on the market isn’t even real, but we’ll get into that later), you are essentially getting fruit with almost all of the benefits taken away.  Consider this: when you eat whole fruit, the sugars that make it taste good are contained in the fibrous cell walls.  These walls slow down the release of sugar into your bloodstream, which prevents dangerous sugar spikes.  But, when you drink juice, you are just getting swallow after swallow of sugar.  There is no chewing time or resistance, and there are no cell walls.  So, when you drink a cup of juice, you’re getting about twice as much sugar as you would get from eating a normal serving of fruit.  And, it goes straight to your bloodstream, giving you that unhealthy sugar spike that can cause insulin intolerance and hunger crashes.

Why Drinking Juice For Weight Loss Became Popular

Like a lot of popular diet foods that don’t really work, drinking juice for weight loss came to be popular because it’s convenient and can make a lot of money.  (Again, consider how much value Tropicana has, just in shares.)  Many companies bank on the supposed healthiness of fruit juice to make a lot of money.  Plus, sometimes they don’t even make 100% juice beverages.  If you see something like “fruit drink” on the label, rather than 100% juice, you’re probably getting water, sugar, and flavoring.  And, even if you are getting 100% juice, there’s no guarantee it’s not loaded with added sugars.  But, people want to eat something healthy that’s easy.  And, there’s nothing easier than grabbing a bottle of juice.  It takes away the inconvenience of peeling oranges or washing berries.  So, drinking juice for weight loss was born, even if it’s not healthy at all.

What To Do Instead Of Drinking Juice For Weight Loss

Drinking water is just as easy as drinking juice, and you won’t spend nearly as much money.  Most people don’t drink enough water anyway.  In fact, drinking water is crucial for weight loss, and it can help you take in fewer calories throughout the day.  If you need something sweet though, consider flavoring your water with 100% juice.  Pour a shot-glass or two of juice into a reusable bottle, and then top it off with ice and water.  Or, drink water with whole pieces of fruit in there for flavor.  You won’t get nearly as much sugar, but you’ll still get some nice sweet flavor.  Otherwise, you could consider just eating fruit whole.  You know, the way nature intended.  And throw out the juicer.

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