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New year, new you. So goes the saying that drives people to the gym in droves during those first few weeks after the calendar flips. However, all too often we see these fitness regimens fall by the wayside before February arrives. The truth is that all of the burdensome aspects of working out — finding the energy, carving out the time, staying consistent — can overwhelm many people. We have busy lives and we need weight loss methods to cooperate with them. The same is also true for highly restrictive diets that can be a pain to follow. So when we talk about the best diets of 2017, we will emphasize those that both get results and remain manageable.

We’re sort of veering into a new age when it comes to dietary weight loss considerations. As our understanding of the biological fundamentals of metabolism improve, so too do our techniques for affecting it. The myopic focus on calories that once ruled this area of health and wellness has faded. We now recognize that this approach can in fact be harmful, shifting our bodies into starvation mode and sabotaging our metabolism. Additionally, it is now clear that eating plans requiring hard-to-find ingredients or constant trips to the grocer won’t often sustain. Again: busy lives. The best diets of 2017 are those that fit a busy lifestyle, and incorporate the most vital nutrients and healthy ingredients.

The Best Diets of 2017

Quality over quantity. That’s the new mantra when it comes to dieting for weight loss. We don’t mean it in the traditional sense — of course no one was ever trying aim for as much quantity as possible. But rather than simply thinking about how much you’re eating, the best diets of 2017 orient toward what you’re eating. And in that spirit, these are the ones that rise to the top in both popularity and effectiveness.


This innovative diet puts a twist on the traditional mindset, so to speak. Rather than putting a sole emphasis on weight loss, the MIND Diet plan builds around foods that offer benefits to your brain. This means upping your intake of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and other properties with cognitive enhancing qualities. Borrowing elements from the very popular Mediterranean Diet, MIND is also quite helpful for weight loss.

Sirtfood Diet

Still fairly new on the scene, the sirtfood diet is quickly ascending in the health and wellness world. Success stories from famous celebrities and singers helped catapult this routine into the mainstream. The core idea is increasing consumption of sirtuins, which are proteins that play a pivotal role in metabolism and fat-burning at a cellular level. This plan isn’t overly restrictive and it allows for drinking a glass of red wine everyday!


Rounding out our list of the best diets of 2017 is the DASH diet. The goal with this approach is reducing high blood pressure, or preventing the issue for those who don’t experience it. We are increasingly recognizing that letting blood pressure get out of control is very harmful to health and weight management. Therefore, you’ll see a lot of nutritious low-sugar foods here like whole grains, veggies and lean meats. On the outs? Empty calories and red meat. It’s fairly basic but puts solid guidelines out that aren’t overwhelming.

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