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It is probably safe to say that no one is a fan of fat regardless of where it appears. Flabby arms, thick thighs or a saggy neck are unpleasant aesthetics that many people fight back against with diet and exercise. But there probably is no area more frustrating or difficult to deal with than pesky belly fat. When we look down and see a protruding gut, it is a constant reminder that we are not in the shape we wish to be in. And eliminating excess fat from this area is tougher than most others. If you wish to slim down a stubborn stomach, try out some of these best belly fat burners.

If you engage in a serious weight loss program, you will likely notice that belly fat is the last to go. It’s a central area for excess fat cell storage and there aren’t as many muscles to hide the extra flab. Sure, we all have a set of abs lying beneath any heft in the gut, but these muscles don’t protrude like biceps. Therefore, in the goal to reduce your waist circumference, building your habits around the best belly fat burners is vital. By following a few of the tips we lay out below, you can specifically target unwanted fat in this area and melt it away in a hurry.

Counting Down the Best Belly Fat Burners

5. Lower Your Stress Levels

Your mental state having a meaningful impact on your belly fat might seem like voodoo science, but it is not. When we experience high levels of stress and anxiety, our bodies produce more cortisol. This steroid hormone is conducive to the storage of fat in the belly specifically. In many cases, chronic stress can greatly offset progress through exercise and diet in a weight loss program. Obviously, de-stressing is easier said than done, but making it a priority is one of the sneaky best belly fat burners.

4. Drink Less Alcohol

“Beer belly” is a real thing. Most alcoholic drinks contain tons of empty calories. This also comes with almost zero nutritional value. During a night of drinking, it’s incredible how those cals can add up by the hundreds without you even really noticing it. In order to avoid this, set limits at the beginning of the night. Try to stick to beverages with lower calorie content, like a vodka and soda water.

3. Bulk Up on Fiber

If you eliminate refined carbs — like that which we get from enriched flour — and replace it with fiber-filled options, the positive impact is tough to overstate. Fiber is beneficial for our digestion in a number of ways, and it’s a natural appetite suppressant. Studies show that people who load up on fiber in the morning are far more successful at keeping their total caloric intake in check for the rest of the day. A natural fiber cleanse diet is a smart bet for rapid improvements.

2. Cutting Down on Sugars and Sweets

I know, they are so tough to avoid. But few things are more damaging to your weight loss efforts, and specifically your belly fat reduction objectives, than sweet foods that deliver tons of sugars and carbs with minimal nutrition. Our best recommendation is to replace these treats as much as possible with fruits and other naturally sweet alternatives.

1. Aerobic Exercise

Interval training is great, too. But when it comes to the gut, one of the best belly fat burners proves to be prolonged cardio exercise. A jog, a brisk walk or a bike ride will do the trick, without requiring any special conditioning or athletic ability. Start small and work your way up. Just make a point of getting in at least 15 minutes of aerobic activity each day.

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