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Losing weight is something everyone thinks about at some point in their life time. However, the average American works over 40 hours a week which can make it quite frustrating to find the time and the energy to maintain a solid workout and diet routine. Because of busy schedules and lack of motivation, people tend to turn towards alternative methods like weight loss supplements. Although there are effective supplements out there, you should be aware of certain ingredients to avoid when searching for a product.

Common Supplement Ingredients to Avoid

Some ingredients used can cause you more harm than good so it is always a good idea to check the list of ingredients prior to making a purchase. Continue reading for specific ingredients to avoid in weight loss supplements:

Caffeine Powders

Although natural energy boosters are okay to consume, you should steer clear from artificial caffeine powders. Caffeine powder, also recognized under the name of trimethyl xanthine, can cause seizures, heart failure and even cardiac arrest. Putting unnatural caffeine into your body and blood stream can be very dangerous. Especially if used while working out. Caffeine can over charge the heart which leads to problems such as heart failure later on in life. Artificial caffeine is also known to cause users to crash. When you charge your body with unnatural energy, it will eventually decline causing you to become fatigued. Common negative side effects can include insomnia, heart problems, inability to focus and immense fatigue. Always look for natural energy stimulants when searching for weight loss supplements to purchase.

Artificial Sweeteners

This might sound like a no-brainer, but lots of weight loss supplements sneak in artificial sweeteners into their supplements. Adding any type of sugar into a weight loss product is never a good idea, however, it is especially bad to consume artificial sweeteners. Why? They’re often times made from harsh chemicals that can build up toxins inside of the colon and blood stream. Severe cases can leave users with liver damage. The best rule of thumb whenever searching for a weight loss supplement is to avoid anything with artificial ingredients or flavoring. Aim for natural ingredients and try to avoid sweeteners as much as possible.

Fillers & Additives

Another rule of thumb to follow when purchasing weight loss supplements is to avoid products that contain dangerous fillers and additives. Essentially, fillers are used by companies because they make for faster and easier production, they can sometimes appear more appealing by the use of artificial color fillers and lastly, they can make the supplements easier to swallow. However, do not be fooled. Fillers can be dangerous to your health for various reasons. For one, they are not natural and your body will reject them. They can cause damage to the heart, intestines, blood stream and even your nervous system. Some specific fillers to avoid include, hydrogenated oils, artificial coloring, magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide. If you are unclear whether or not an ingredient is a filler, check with a specialist or simply google the ingredient. Be smart, always know what you’re putting in your body before you purchase products!

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