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Unlike it’s roasted counterpart, the green coffee bean contains a chemical compound called Chlorogenic acid. This miraculous finding has created the perfect weight loss option. And after this finding, it really seems to be popping up everywhere. There’s almost no doubt that green coffee bean extract has amazing benefits. From maintain weight to lowering high blood pressures, as well as preventing type 2 diabetes to detoxifying your body.

Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Have Side Effects?

Although the supplement is considered generally safe to consume, different conditions affect different people. So while it may work for your friend, it might not work for you. Or it may cause you annoying or serious problems. Those sensitive to caffeine or susceptible to heart disease should definitely ask a doctor before consuming. Either way, this product was only meant for temporary use, so a lot of these effects are avoidable.

However, although the more well-known side effects are beneficial, there are some that are not. The extract itself is basically harmless. But it’s not for everyone. Based on current medical conditions or mental states, it is best to consult with a medical professional before you consume any type of supplement.

Extreme Weight Loss

For those looking to lose weight, you will most likely see significant results with green coffee bean extract. In fact, studies show that Chlorogenic acid is very successful in burning fat, preventing it from forming, and also suppressing the appetite. However, once you reach a certain point, you should stop taking the supplement. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function each day. And if you’re not eating enough, it’s not only your body that could fail. But your brain too.


Not being able to sleep is possibly one of the most annoying side effects of this product, and in general. Lack of sleep is the cause of lapses in judgment, car accidents, and temporary mental illness. In fact, not sleeping enough can cause serious health problems down the line. So if you take a green coffee bean extract, make sure it’s only used temporarily. And to consult a doctor if your insomnia gets worse.

Stomach Issues

Since everyone reacts to substances differently, it’s very likely that some people may experience stomach issues. This includes an upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and digestive changes. Just like any kind of medication, there’s always a chance your body reacts poorly to a substance. However, research shows that these negative side effects are rare.

Improved Digestion

Like I touched on above, green been coffee extract may also help to regulate your bowel movements. Basically, it works to improve the time it takes for nutrient absorption and how fast food moves through your body. One of the main causes of disease is food buildup in the intestines. Sometimes it just gets stuck there, and it starts to rot. This rotting releases toxins into your body, and can even create ulcers in the lining.

Suppressed Appetite

One of the most amazing benefits of green coffee bean extract is how it can stop cravings in their tracks. In fact, the chemical compounds in the green coffee bean work to make you feel fuller for longer. So you stop reaching for the junk food when you’re bored, stressed, or upset. Chlorogenic acid seems to improve serotonin levels in the brain, causing you to feel generally more happy and calm as well.

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