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It’s a trend that’s sweeping the nation. It doesn’t involve knives or implants, but it does purport to make a significant difference in your shape and appearance. There’s a good chance you have heard about it and seen products within its category advertised and promoted. But just what is butt enhancement, and why is it gaining so much popularity?

A recent study asked men what they look at first when sizing up a woman, and the results were interesting. High on the list were eyes, smile, breasts and so forth. But also near the top was the bum, and this particular asset (no pun intended) has risen in ranking over the years. Whether it’s the increasing focus on this part of the body in pop culture or something else, a nice butt is a must.

Unfortunately, not everyone is endowed with the same natural gifts in this department. Some gals having the blessing of a badonkadonk that sticks out just right, creating that coveted voluptuous hourglass figure. But for others, a lack of “pop” in this area can be a real frustrating. And unfortunately, unlike many other bodily features, there really isn’t any exercise or yoga move you can do to improve the situation. There are certainly methods to tone and defined the buttocks, but there isn’t a way to add volume short of dangerous surgical implants. Or, at least, there wasn’t.

What is Butt Enhancement Cream?

The idea of a topical cream that can actually make an impact on the shape and size of your booty might seem far-fetched. To be sure, we were skeptical at one point. And the body of research surrounding these products isn’t terribly extensive. But when researching the question, “What is butt enhancement and how do these products work?” we came up with some interesting info. The makeup of these serums and creams at least has solid scientific backing.

Here’s how butt enhancement cream works. You take this topical supplement and apply it daily by hand, massaging the nutrient blend into your skin on both cheeks. Herbal extracts and natural oils then absorb into the adipose tissue with subtle yet impactful action. Over time, this process can add plumpness to underlying structure of the butt. It’s not going to send it jutting outward within a week like Popeye’s biceps after a can of spinach. But many users report a noticeable different in shape and size within a couple of months.

Finding the Right Butt Enhancement Product

First and foremost, always seek a cream with completely natural ingredients. Components such as maca root extract, wild yam and pueraria mirifica are present in some of the top rated formulas. Meanwhile, quality butt enhancement creams will usually include ingredients that nourish and bolster the skin. Part of sculpting a booty that won’t quit is ensuring that the skin is smooth, soft and free of stark stretch marks.

Are There Butt Enhancement Side Effects?

Part of the reason this approach is gaining popularity is because it is very safe. It won’t work for everyone, and according to some clinical trials the efficacy rate is lower than 50 percent, but an all natural booty enhancement product carries virtually no risk.

If you’re looking to add a little junk in the trunk, these products merit a shot, although a successful outcome is far from certain.

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