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When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun, there should be no shortage of urgency. This is the single most important thing you can do for your skin on a daily basis. Amply shielding yourself from those dastardly ultraviolet rays can dramatically delay the onset of aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines and spots. It also can greatly reduce the chance of developing melanoma or other skin diseases. Fortunately, there is also no shortage of methods for preventing harmful sun and UV damage. Sunscreen mousse is one such method and it’s beginning to gather a lot of attention in skincare circles. What are the relative advantages of this product category in comparison to your standard sunscreen lotion or oil?

When it comes to shielding your largest organ from UV radiation, it’s best to take an approach that covers more base than one. For instance, you can wear SPF clothing, or you can stay in the shade on particular sunny days. Applying sunscreen is a good idea in conjuction with these tactics. The deteriorating effects that the sun has one our skin, over time, are known as photoaging. Without question, photoaging is the number one contributor to diminished complexion, texture and radiance. Sunscreen mousse is a nice option for those seeking an alternative to the standard solutions. Let’s look at what it is and why it’s worth knowing about.

What is Sunscreen Mousse?

While sunscreen is undoubtedly a very necessary product, there are certain inherent downsides. They can even cause many people to go against their better judgment and head out into the sun with no protection. Sunscreen mousse delivers similar benefits with an innovative form that eliminates many of the typical points of frustration. For instance, your typical sunscreen lotion is going to be very difficult to fully rub in. It will leave streaks and residue on your skin and on your clothes. It’s greasy, and tough to rinse off your hands. And the odor can be repugnant for some.

Sunscreen mousse, on the other hands, is a foamy and lightweight substance. Its ability to quickly disappear into your skin will amaze you. No white spots on your skin that won’t go away, no oils rubbing off onto your towel and accessories. Sunscreen mousse contains high levels of antioxidants and is extremely hydrating for your skin. Also, like most sunscreen types, it is water resistant. So you don’t need to worry about it coming off as soon as you jump in the pool, or if you start sweating. (It is, however, advisable to reapply more often in these instances.)

I won’t see that sunscreen mousse has no scent, but there is no artifical additive smells. These products are usually more natural than many alternatives, consisting of ingredients like shea butter, blue sea kale and avocado oil. We love all natural blends pretty much regardless of the function. When it comes to skin and absorbing properties, this is particularly important.

At the end of the day, almost any sunscreen is going to do its job as long as you use it properly and apply the proper SPF level. It’s all about finding products you like to use. Many tend to prefer sunscreen mousse so we recommend checking it out if the usual lotions bug you.

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