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First and foremost, let’s tackle the question of what a peptide is in the first place. In short, peptides are fragments of proteins. In other words, they are the essential building blocks of the skin. They are composed of chains of amino acids, when combined a certain way, amino acids make up different peptides. There are hundreds of different peptide combinations. So, why are peptides so important for the skin? Well, without peptides, the skin is unable to keep its form. A reduction in peptides can result in the skin wrinkling, loosing elasticity and sagging. As we age, the skin loses the ability to keep shape. That is why choosing an anti-aging treatment composed of peptides makes a great revitalizing product. Keep reading to find out the benefits of peptides in skincare:

Repairs Thinning Skin

One great benefit peptides are used for is repairing thinning skin. As we near our thirties, the skin stops producing an important protein known as collagen. Collagen is essential for maintaining structure and firmness. When collagen starts to break down, as you can imagine, the skin loses shape. Effects of this can include wrinkling, bags under the eyes, hyperpigmentation and tired looking skin. Luckily, this can be reversed by adding a peptide formula into your skincare routine. Peptides are able to send signals that regenerate the production of collagen. This helps the process of forming new and youthful looking skin cells to reduce wrinkles & smooth aging skin. To repair thinning skin, look for collagen boosting peptides the next time you search for a skin treatment.

Relax Facial Muscles & Reduce Wrinkles

Another wonderful benefit of including peptides into your skincare routine is that they can help to relax the tension in your face which leads to a reduction in wrinkles. Facial movement is a big contributor to aged and wrinkled looking skin. This is why Botox works so well, it essentially restricts the movements of your facial tissue to smooth over fine lines & wrinkles. However, most people do not have the time or money to afford facial injections. No need to worry! Copper peptides also do the trick and they are injection free! This unique peptide complex smooths and reduces wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles. Look out for a peptide called Syn-ake if you are looking into using copper peptides in your skin care routine!

Reduces Rough Textures on The Surface of Skin

Peptides are known to regenerate damaged skin cells which has a huge impact on the texture of the skin. When the skin dries out, becomes damaged by the sun or ages, a reduction in water takes place. In other words, your skin becomes dehydrated and can leave the surface dry, cracked and peeling. Adding peptides into your moisturizing routine can have a positive impact on the hydration and smoothness of the skin. For best results, try pairing a peptide complex with SPF. Protecting your skin from UV damage with a sun block is wise. This is help to protect from future damage while the peptide complex works to rebuild damaged skin cells. Overall, using a skin treatment with peptides does wonders for your skin no matter what age! The best part is, peptides work great on all complexions and support all skin care needs.

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