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When you look at someone’s skin, what you are seeing is the epidermis. This refers to the outer layer, which comprises the surface and serves as a protective barrier. The epidermis works to shield you from harmful elements while keeping moisture and other beneficial properties locked in. We all know about the epidermis, whether or not we recognize its official scientific name. But it is not the epidermis that makes up most our skin. That would be the dermis, the inner layer that constitutes about 90 percent of the total skin composition. The dermal level is most responsible for our skin’s resilience and repairing capabilities. It is also the reason that a natural collagen booster is vital to a good anti-aging regimen.

Why does our skin deteriorate with age? There are a number of factors, ranging from sun exposure to environmental absorption to inherent breakdown over time. But one key underlying contributor is that we innately lose collagen production over the course of our lives. This process usually begins around the age of 30, to the point where we have significantly less at age 40 and 50. When you have less collagen, your skin’s ability to spring back when creased or folded diminishes. Meanwhile, keeping troublesome aging signs like age spots at bay becomes far more challenging. Using synthetic or artificial products to address the issue can bring problematic side effects and adverse reactions. This is why identifying a natural collagen booster you like is imperative.

Why You Should Use a Natural Collagen Booster

When it comes to something that your body is supposed to naturally produce, it isn’t often advisable to introduce foreign substances or mechanisms. A good natural collagen booster will work cohesively with your own processes. There are a number of skin serums that accomplish this and we’ll cover a few of the ingredients below. Using a collagen booster can be helpful in many regions of the skin but it tends to be most beneficial around the eyes. This is by far the most significant area of focus for such products. The skin surrounding our eyes is more thin and fragile than any other area. If you can successfully bolster collgen here, then you chances of fending off crow’s feet and dark circles are far better.

Finding the Best Natural Collagen Booster

When it comes to finding a natural collagen booster, there is one ingredient that rules over all others. Peptides are portions of amino acids that come together in a way that signals to your body that more collagen is needed. This triggers an inherent increase in production. In essence, peptides “trick” your body into creating more of the proteins. This might sound a little weird, especially when we’re talking about natural methods. But it really isn’t dangerous and peptides tend to carry few adverse reactions. They offer great support for elasticity and avoiding fine lines.

Other natural collagen booster ingredients include kinetin, phytoceramides, glycolic acid and more. While we find peptides to be most effective, you can’t really go wrong. Just make sure you’re going with a pure blend and keep an eye out for irritants if you have sensitive skin.

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