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Skin tags are a pain. Removing them doesn’t need to be. The number of home skin tag removal methods that you will come across is seemingly endless. Everyone has their own remedy or technique, it seems. But taking the wrong approach can prove costly. If you don’t do it right, you run the risk of not succeeding, at a minimum. Worse yet, you could cause a lot of discomfort and potentially permanent scarring. Because of the stakes, it is important to develop a strategy that you can count on. We scoured the Web and talked with skincare industry people we trust. In doing so, we developed a list of tips and tricks for safely removing skin tags.

What Causes Skin Tags?

These little flaps of excess skin can be perplexing when we come across them. What is this? How did it get here? How long has it been here? In truth, they are very common. They most commonly appear in areas where the skin folds, such as the neck, armpits, eyelids, and so forth. These small soft growths typically look somewhat similar to a mole. Outside of the aesthetic aspects, skin tags tend to be harmless. Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t want to get rid of them. Home skin tag removal is an extremely frequent objective. We’ll run through some of the dos and don’ts below.

Home Skin Tag Removal Methods

The idea with home skin tag removal is always the same. People want a method that will permanently get rid of the growth, without causing pain, bleeding or a lasting mark. When it comes to meeting all three of those necessities, we find that the techniques below outrank all others.

Use a Skin Band to Remove Tags

This method calls for using a small constricting band around the skin tag, cutting off the flow of blood an oxygen to the area in question. Without these supplies, the skin will die and should come off on its own within a few days. This might sound a little disturbing — killing skin? Oh no! — but it’s fairly innocuous. The concept of sloughing off excess useless skin is basically the same thing we deploy with exfoliation and other skincare practices. Some people use available household tools like string or floss for this home skin tag removal tactic. There are also specialized products you can find in the store that work even better.

Chemical Peel for Skin Tags

People often use chemical peels for exfoliation, revealing the softer skin beneath. You can also use this technique for home skin tag removal, with a more acute and direct application. Substances like alpha hydroxy acids or resorcinol are among the most frequent bases for such endeavors. You’ll want to use a strong agent that can remove multiple layers of skin at once. But this also increases the need for careful usage. Put the liquid on a Q-tip and gently cover the skin tag with it, while avoiding the surrounding skin. This can cause mild burning or irritation but shouldn’t be too bad. Usually this will remove a standard skin tag within a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Tags

We have talked before about the numerous skincare advantages of apple cider vinegar. Its ability to address skin tags is certainly one of them. In a sense, ACV works like a very mild and gentle chemical peel. In order to follow this approach, simply dip a cotton swab in the vinegar and press it against the skin tag. Wash the area shortly thereafter. Continue application for a few weeks as necessary.

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