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Love your skin, but hate the way it gets older?  You’re not alone.  There are more and more people looking into how to get plastic surgery, and other expensive alternatives to watching their faces get lines and dark spots.  But, there are also a lot of new anti-aging creams and serums that are coming out, too.  The purpose of these products is to give you a chance to protect your skin and reverse some of the signs of aging.  But, not every product is perfect.  Today we’re doing a review on Reveal RX Face Cream, to see if it lives up to our standards.

We checked out the Reveal RX Face Cream manufacturer’s website to see what kind of information we could find.  Usually, when we’re looking at a manufacturing site, especially for a face cream or serum, we want to know a few things.  Firstly, it’s important to find out about what kind of ingredients are in the formula.  Secondly, we like to know how to use a product.  And, of course, the price is an important part of knowing if it’s worth you trying out.  When it comes to Reveal RX Face Cream, we saw some of the things we were looking for, but not all of them.  Keep reading to see what we thought, or see our favorite product below.


Does Reveal RX Face Cream Work?

The first thing that we saw on the Reveal RX Face Cream website was a lot of claims.  And, that’s perfectly okay!  It’s great for a company to be upfront about what a product can and can’t do.  In the case of Reveal RX Cream, the website said that it could reduce up to 84% of wrinkles and fine lines.  That’s quite a number.  In fact, when you reduce wrinkles by around 60 percent, that can be as much as ten years’ worth of damage.  So, 84% is a major difference.  Whether this cream can do that or not depends on a major factor: the ingredients.

When we look at an anti-aging cream, we ideally like to see a formula label.  That way, we can tell how prominent certain ingredients are, and how effective a product might be.  Unfortunately, Reveal RX Face Cream didn’t offer that opportunity to us.  But, they did mention a certain ingredient that is very important for anti-aging effects.  So, we do know that this product contains peptides.  Now, peptides are a type of amino acid that works to rebuild tissue and structure of your skin.  And, when there are enough peptides in a formula, it should work for any skin type.  We’d like to know if there are any other ingredients in this formula, like hyaluronic acid, for example.  But, we do know that peptides are present, which means it is likely a gentle formula for daily use.

How To Use Reveal RX Face Cream

Some face creams are not good for daily application.  For example, some formulas are a little harsh on sensitive skin.  But, this one suggests you can use it easily every day.  Simply wash your face with a natural, gentle cleanser and pat dry.  Then apply the formula to your whole face and neck.  However, we don’t necessarily recommend getting Reveal RX Face Cream too terribly close to your eyes.  There isn’t any indication that this formula is made specifically to go near your eyes.

Reveal RX Face Cream

Much like many of the products we review, the Reveal RX Face Cream manufacturer’s site did offer a free trial.  That means that you usually put in your information, and pay the shipping fee to get your product delivered to you.  And, there’s often about a 14 day trial period in which you can test the product.  However, if you decide to keep the product, you’re usually charged the entire amount at the end of the trial period.  So, be sure to carefully read the Terms and Conditions for Reveal RX Face Cream.  Since a free trial is available, however, we don’t think there’s any risk in trying it out.  Or, you can see what we like the most, when you click the side widgets.  Thanks for reading, and come back soon!

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