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There are thousands of skincare products on the market that claim their formula will do wonders for your skin. Although there are products out there that really do have positive benefits for your skin, there are also loads of products that contain ingredients that may do more harm than good. Just because a product says it’s good for the skin, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. The best thing to do before purchasing a skincare product is to check the list of ingredients. Always know what you’re using on your skin before applying. Continue reading to find out more on skincare ingredients to avoid:

Three Common Skincare Ingredients To Avoid

Always know what you’re using on your skin before applying. Continue reading to find out more on skincare ingredients to avoid:

  • Unnatural Fragrances

Skincare products containing unnatural fragrances can be very damaging to the skin. Although the good scent of the formula may seem appealing, reality is the scent is coming from a concoction of harsh chemicals. Products containing unnatural fragrances can cause allergic reactions, drying out or peeling of the skin and even hyperpigmentation. Applying unnatural chemicals to the face and neck can also lead to wrinkling and sensitive skin. This makes it easier for the skin to develop free radical damage. Next time you are in search of a skin treatment, look for products that are either fragrance free or contains natural scents.

  • Alcohols

Always avoid products that contain alcohols are a main ingredient. Even though some formulas might try to convince you that it is healthy and beneficial to the skin, alcohol based products weaken and damage skin cells. The reason why companies use alcohol is because of the short-term benefits that include helping the product absorb and dry faster, reduces the greasy feeling of creams and helps the formula feel weightless. Although these might seem positive, alcohols are negative in the long run. If you come across a product that lists an alcohol as one of the first six ingredients, it will aggravate and dry out your skin. The negative effects over time cause dry, itchy, flaky and rough skin. Specific alcohols to avoid that are often times found in products include, SD alcohol, denatured alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. Always avoid harsh alcohols when purchasing skincare products.

  • Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is used for the purpose of lightening dark patches in the skin known as hyperpigmentation. This can include age spots, freckles and blemishes. As you can imagine, most ingredients that claim to brighten the skin, contain harsh chemicals. This ingredient in particular strips the structure of skin cells and breaks down healthy cells. This makes the skin more susceptible to UV ray sun damage. It can also lead to sunburns, increased risk of cancer and dry & itchy skin. Although it is successful in removing melatonin darkening, it does not have a positive effect on the health of the skin. If you are in need of a natural way to brighten uneven skin tones, try diluting lemon juice and applying to the skin. The acidity in lemons helps break apart melatonin for a brighter and more even appearance. Always check the list of ingredients before purchasing a skincare product. If you have questions about an ingredient, talk to a skin specialist or look up the ingredient with a trusted source.


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