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Dark circles are some of the most annoying things to have under your eyes. They can make you look older, tired, and even drag your face down. But, not everyone has dark circles. For example, some people only get them when they don’t sleep enough. On the other hand, some people always have dark circles lingering under their eyes, no matter how much they sleep. And, that’s because there’s several different factors that cause these pesky things. Below, we’ll discuss the different aspects that contribute to dark under eye circles, and what you can do about it.

Main Causes of Dark Circles

  • Lack Of Sleep – When you don’t sleep enough, your body takes a big hit. The next day you’ll wake up groggy, sluggish, and your eyes may hurt. Then, even worse, you look in the mirror and see dark circles under your eyes. And, that’s because not sleeping enough actually makes your skin paler. So, the blood that pools under your eyes can show through the skin easier. Then, if you continue to miss out on quality shut-eye, this only worsens. So, everyone can tell how tired you are when you miss your 8 hours.
  • Alcohol – Once again, this goes hand in hand with not sleeping. Your dark circles will betray what you did the night before. After drinking one night, you don’t sleep as well. Because, alcohol disrupts your natural sleep pattern, and actually has you waking up more often than you realize. So, that contributes to more blood pooling under your eyes. In addition to that, alcohol dehydrates the skin, which can make the thin skin around your eyes to sink in and turn dark. So, alcohol is a double whammy for dark circles.
  • Medication – Some medications can actually leave your under eyes darker and more pronounced. So, if you have pesky dark under eyes and can’t think of the reason why, check your medications. Any pills that dilate blood vessels can increase dark circles. Because, when you increase blood flow in the body, it shows through the delicate skin underneath your eyes.
  • Allergies – When you get allergies, you’re usually stuffed up and have sinus issues. In addition to that, they can make your eyes itch, so you rub and scratch at your eyes more. Well, any rubbing of the delicate area under your eyes can actually make the skin there darken. Then, if you’re stuffed up, that can make blood vessels dilate around your eyes, so they release more blood into the dark circle area, making them worse.
  • Anemia – Not having sufficient iron in your body causes dark circles, as well. Because, iron carries oxygen around in the blood for your body. So, without enough iron, you actually don’t get enough oxygen to your body tissues. And, blood becomes darker without oxygen in it. So, you can see that through the skin underneath your eyes.
  • Age – Obviously, you probably saw this one coming. But, as you age, your skin gets thinner and thinner. This is because over time, your skin loses collagen, which keeps your skin thick and opaque. So, the more collagen you lose (or the older you get), the thinner your skin becomes. And, since the skin under the eyes is already so thin, this can make dark circles stand out like a sore thumb.

Can You Lighten Dark Circles?

You can help dark circles look less noticeable in a variety of ways. For example, cold compresses help move the blood out of the cavity, and therefore move the color. In addition to that, elevating your head while you sleep allows the blood to drain out from under your eyes, making dark circles less noticeable the next day. Another good tip is to avoid the sun, because obviously that just damages the skin, makes it thinner, and shows dark circles more. And, of course you can always cover your dark circles with a foundation or concealer makeup product.
But, if you actually want to lighten them for good, you should use an eye cream. Because, when you consistently work on the problem, it gets better over time. All the remedies listed above will only last for a short period of time. But, if you use an anti-aging eye product, you can actually make dark circles lighter for good. In fact, ingredients like peptides, AHAs, and Vitamin C are all proven to help alleviate the look of dark circles. To truly lighten dark circles, you have to be consistent with an eye cream or serum.

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