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No butts about it: big booty cream and butt enhancement serums are really catching on. The science behind this seemingly zany approach is rapidly improving. Meanwhile, the societal value of a butt that pops only continues to grow. While a slim and fit physique is obviously still desirable, the general concept of an ideal body seems to be changing somewhat. Men aren’t looking for a gal who is skinny as a twig with no discernible features in her outline. They want curves, particularly in that one key area below the back. A booty that sticks out just right is one of the top qualities in a sexy and voluptuous body. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same natural blessings in this area.

The practice of butt enhancement is a relatively new field. People take a number of different measures to try and gain volume or shapeliness in the buttocks. In some cases, it’s a matter of actually placing surgical implants. Sorry to tell you, but your favorite celeb or music star who butt protrudes at a 90 degree angle from her back is probably not all-natural. Most of us don’t have the means, or the desire, to follow that route. Therefore, a big booty cream can be a good method for natural enhancement. And formulas are improving and gaining reliability all the time.

How Does a Big Booty Cream Work

The idea behind these products is to delivery key nutrients directly to the tissues in your backside. Usually, you accomplish this by massaging the cream directly into the skin. It will then absorb and go to work. Ingredients in booty enhancement creams work at a cellular level of add volume while maintaining a firm shape. These products will also often include skin-nourishing properties, so as to improve the outer appearance. You’re not going to want to show off your bodacious booty in a thong or bikini if its covered in stretch marks or imperfections. The dual purposes of these creams are conducive to comprehensive improvements.

Relative to other techniques, using a big booty cream for enhancing your rump is a much safer option. These formulas tend to include natural ingredients (we’ll cover a few of them below) and they don’t generally cause adverse reactions. We’ll be honest: the results with such products are hit-or-miss. Some users don’t notice any difference and for others it is quite subtle. But quality blends use real science and evidence as their basis. It’s not snake oil, and for many women these creams can be true difference-makers. It’s all about finding the right choice for you. Usually, that means targeting the right ingredients.

Common Big Booty Cream Ingredients

Avoid any such formulas with artificial or synthetic ingredients. If you’re interested in this product category, you will want to find a big booty cream with herbal extracts and natural properties. One of the most common ingredients in the repertoire is saw palmetto, which can help stimulate underdeveloped tissue. Fenugreek is another frequent player, and helps with hormonal levels to to boost natural buttock enhancement from your own biology. There are also a number of hydrating and skin-boosting ingredients in these creams. As mentioned, these help produce a smooth and soft exterior.

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