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Diminishing eyelash length and volume is one of the trickiest issues that women face as they get older. It’s rather unpredictable, hitting certain individuals more quickly and more substantially than others. And it’s certainly a pressing challenge for those who want to look their best to the world. Your eyes are the window through which people see you. It is vital to have them looking their best. While there are a number of measures you can deploy for improvement, finding the best lash growth serum will likely offer the best results.

Most of the existing solutions for sprucing up the appearance of your eyelashes are cumbersome at best. Extensions? Could look keeping them attached and dealing with them. Cosmetics? They might provide a visible boost, but it’s very temporary and can become a mess if you happen to get wet. Eyelash serums work to stimulate natural growth for a sustaining gain in all key measures. These also tend to be safe, relatively inexpensive and easy to use products. But how can you pick out the best lash growth serum among a lengthy set of options at your disposal?

Finding the Best Lash Growth Serum

An eyelash serum can work in a number of different ways. Sometimes it’s specifically about spurring growth from the root, so that your lashes grow in more fully and more evenly. Other times, there are elements that work to condition the hairs so that they are stronger and shinier. The best lash growth serum is one that covers both of these bases. It’s not too hard to pinpoint a blend that will assist both objectives if you know what to look for. Let’s look at some of the most helpful eyelash serum ingredients and they they matter.

Best Lash Growth Serum Ingredients

When you’re perusing labels, keep an eye out for these names. They are generally going to contribute more positively than others.

Castor Oil: Derived from vegetables, this pale yellow liquid contains high levels of proteins and omega-6 fats, which can trigger more rapid and regular growth. By delivering these nutrients directly to the follicles of your lashes, castor oil can make a very meaningful difference in growth rate and consistency.

Nettle Extract: The hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) plays a large role in hair loss and diminishing growth for both men and women. It’s often one of the primary drivers in waning eyelash volume for women. Nettle extract possesses the ability to inhibit the body’s production of this hormone. This helps stop the issue from its deepest underlying cause.

Peptides: You may be aware that peptides are among the top anti-aging skincare ingredients, because of their influence on collagen levels. For the same reason, they are also one of the best lash growth serum components. When your skin has higher collagen levels, it can grow longer and sturdier hair.

Vitamins: There are a number of different vitamins that can contribute to hydration and shine in the eyelashes. Look for a wide array in your blend to round out a comprehensive formula.

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