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As we strengthen our understanding of skin aging and the forces that play into it, our preventative measures are drastically improving. New skin creams, SPF solutions and lifestyle habits can play a major role in delaying the inevitable arrival of wrinkles and diminishing firmness. But another factor that proves crucially important is your diet. The foods we eat can have a considerable impact on our visible appearance as we get older, giving new meaning to the phrase “You are what you eat.” Today, we’re going to go over some of the best food for skin health. Make these items cornerstones in your meal planning and reap the radiant benefits.

There are particular nutrients that can profoundly effect many elements of our skin’s vibrance and resiliency. Many of them are long-time staples for a dermal-healthy diet. Others are fairly new in being recognized for these benefits. Our goal today is to lay out some of the best food for skin and explain why they are helpful. Each of these options will also offer a variety of other wellness perks, making them true stars of the nutritional spectrum.

A Look at the Best Food For Skin

Whether for protection, nourishment or cellular repair, the best food for skin can make a significant difference over time. During a time where aging tends to take its toll earlier than ever, situating your diet around these choices is extremely important. With all of the elements working against you, applying a layer of sunscreen when you hit the beach is no longer enough. For ideal ongoing skin support, you need to approach the issue from multiple angles. Loading up on these foods is a critical step.


Don’t toss them at your favorite comedian on stage. The skin support that tomatoes provide is no joke. Notably, tomatoes are one of the few plants to offer lycopene, an antioxidant that helps give them their bright red hue. More so than most other nutrients, lycopene is a powerful defense against sun damage and UV radiation. That is not to say you can eat one and then go outside with no sunscreen, but keeping them present in your diet will boost your natural SPF. Plus, whereas most veggies lose nutritional value by being cooked, tomatoes get MORE lycopene when you cook them.


Oily fish are among the most potent omega 3 fatty acid sources, and these healthy fats are excellent components of good skin health. Their anti-inflammatory qualities can help prevent irritation, redness and discolorations. Some of the best fish you can eat for skin benefits are salmon, tuna and sardines.

Green Tea

I guess it technically can’t rank as a best food for skin because it’s a beverage. But green tea delivers exceptional support. Not only does it carry the antioxidants that help protect us from harmful free radicals. But green tea can also boost oxygen and blood flow to the skin, assisting faster recovery and greater resilience. This will then help you maintain a beautiful complexion.

Citrus Fruits

Kiwi, oranges and other sweet fruits containing high levels of Vitamin C are wonder workers for your skin composition. Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen production, offsetting one of the most problematic aspects of aging. This helps you maintain more skin hydration and for a plumper makeup.

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