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You wake up to a buzzing alarm. You reach over and tap the button on your phone to silence it. Then, you roll out of bed and saunter to the bathroom. As you look into the mirror, you are greeted by an unpleasant sight. Underneath your eyes, those big puffy dark bags are sitting there, glaringly evident. It’s one of the most frustrating morning dilemmas many of us tough to face, and it’s a difficult one to resolve. Everyone has their own home remedies and quick fixes, but what is the best eye bag treatment? Which ones reliably work better than others? And what are some of the mythical treatments that simply do not work?

What Causes Eye Bags?

Before we try to settle on an eye bag treatment, we should first try to gain a better grasp of the underlying cause. What makes these dark swollen circles appear? How can you prevent them before they start?

There are a number of factors that can play a role in the appearance of eye bags. The basic explanation is a build up of fluid in this particular region. This can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it relates to the weather. On particularly humid and hot days, people are generally more likely to develop eye bags. Another common cause (one you may be familiar with) is a lack of sleep. I know that for me personally, there are plenty of times where I struggle to sleep through the night and wake up to that reality. Allergies can be another culprit, as can consumption of too much sodium. And in some cases, it’s simply a matter of genetics. If you have a genetic predisposition to under-eye bags, then you may have little personal control over when they appear.

Some less common eye bag causes include hormone imbalances, sinus infections and excessive caffeine in take. And of course, the issue tends to become more prominent as we get older. This increases the need for an eye bag treatment that works.

Identifying the Best Eye Bag Treatment

There is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. But if you’re looking for a reliable eye bag treatment, there are a few that certainly stand out. Some are simple while others are a bit more complex. Let’s run through a few of the top methods.

Compress the Area with Something Cold. My preference is cold spoons that have been sitting in the refrigerator. Take the rounded edge end place it against your eye, until it becomes warm. Do the same thing for both sides, ideally with two different spoons. This is a good way to reduce inflammation and quickly decrease the swelling that occurs. It also tends to feel very soothing. An ice pack will have a similar positive effect.

Tea Bags for Dark Circles. There are a whole bunch of green tea skincare advantages and this is one of them. Green tea isn’t the only option here but it is one that I really like. The properties within the healthy herbal content of these tea bags offers real relief. They contain anti-irritant properties that can rapidly dispel redness and discoloration.

Use a Peptide Cream. There rae a lot of new-age skin serums out there. They often promote the ability to reduce wrinkles and other texture imperfections. But if you find the right peptide blend it can work great as an eye bag treatment. These amino acid compounds have uniquely powerful skin benefits. This is because they can stimulate collagen production for rejuvenating results.

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