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As far as writing teams go, ours is a fairly youthful one.  But, even those among us who are fairly young, we’ve noticed that our skin isn’t quite what it used to be.  And, we’re not alone!  We know that many of our readers have concerns over their skin, too.  It’s actually a pretty common issue.   Here’s why: your skin may actually start aging a lot earlier than you think.  Truly, skin can start showing the first signs of aging in your mid- to late-twenties.  And, that can mean that you still feel super young, but your skin isn’t reflecting how you feel on the inside.  But, could Avila Serum change that?

Avila Serum is one of the new skin care products that has cropped up on the market recently.  And, according to its website, it could be helpful in getting your skin to look years younger than it does now.  But, we wanted to know more.  So, we delved into their manufacturer’s site to see what kind of information we could find out about this product.  Truly, when we first looked at the site, we had no idea of the magnitude of what we were looking at.  But, it turns out that the Avila Serum line isn’t just one, but five products.  So, do they work?

Does Avila Serum Work?

The key to getting skin care products that are effective is getting products that contain ingredients, which are proven to increase skin elasticity or collagen levels.  It’s not as hard as it sounds.  There are loads of ingredients out there that help your skin.  Let’s talk about a few of the options, actually.  Retinol is one of them – it’s a derivative of Vitamin A that can help regenerate skin cells.  But, there are other options, too.  Peptides are amino acids that could potentially help rebuild the damaged cells of your skin.  And, they are supposed to help increase collagen production in the dermis, too.  So, what about Avila Serum?

Well, it depends on which product you’re looking at specifically.  The Avila Skin line has five products.  We opted to look at their Instant Lift serum, which they claim can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by 50 to a whopping 90 percent.  According to the website, the main ingredient in the Avila Serum Instant Lift is Argireline.  They call it the alternative to injections.  Basically, Argireline blocks neurotransmitters to the muscles near the surface of the skin.  And, that relaxes the wrinkles and fine lines that you would see there.  We do know that Argireline is a relatively popular skin care ingredient, so using this serum could potentially help you see fewer wrinkles.

Should You Order Avila Serum?

Different consumers prefer different products.  And, for some people, Argireline is not their preferred method of skin care.  But, if you’re okay with the slight paralytic effect on the skin, then you could try it out.  We didn’t see a trial option, however, so you could be paying almost $100 for a bottle.

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