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Once known best as a cooking ingredient and acidic food topping, apple cider vinegar is really bolstering its rep in health circles. That’s because it offers a wealth of wellness perks that we are still continuing to uncover. We know, for instance, that apple cider vinegar helps with digestion and has cleansing properties. On a similar note, we recognize it as an impactful weight loss support ingredient. People across the country are pairing ACV with garcinia cambogia for a dramatic metabolism boost and fat-burning assist. But did you know that there are also a number of significant apple cider vinegar skin benefits? This frontier doesn’t get as much publicity, but might be the most promising.

Everyone is always on the lookout for good natural skincare ingredients. It can be a little unsettling to lather on artificial compounds and chemicals. But when you can find a pure ingredient that offers a real positive impact, without side effects or adverse reactions, it can be huge. Based on its astringent qualities and — er — interesting odor, it may sound a little off putting. But the various apple cider vinegar skin benefits are significant and well founded.

Key Apple Cider Vinegar Skin Benefits

Many people are now washing their face with apple cider vinegar in order to tap into its skincare advantages. How come? Well, for one thing, it’s way cheaper than a lot of lotions and creams out there. It is easy to find on store shelves anywhere. And it offers some distinct positive attributes. So let’s count some of the ways that this liquid can help your skin become smoother and more radiant.

Apple Cider Vinegar Removes Oils and Restores pH Balance

You may not be aware of it, but your skin has a thin, invisible protective layer covering it. Known as the acid mantle, this barrier plays a very important role in locking in the good stuff — moisture, lipids — while blocking out the bad — germs, bacteria, pollution, UV rays. Maintaining the proper pH balance is critical to ensuring this acid mantle functions at its best. One of the most crucial apple cider vinegar skin benefits lies in its ability to support a healthy and effective balance.

Apple Cider Vinegar Fights Wrinkles and Fine Lines

This owes partially to the dynamic discussed above, and partially to the astringent nature of vinegar. When you apply ACV topically, it causes mild contraction and tightening of the skin. This leads to a reduction in the appearance of creases, wrinkles, fine lines and other texture imperfections.

Apple Cider Vinegar Fends of Acne, Blemishes and Age Spots

ACV has natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal qualities that make it a natural skin cleanser. This can prevent pimples and blackheads before they form. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids that gently remove dead skin cells and layers to remove the softer, fresher skin beneath. In this respect, one of the apple cider vinegar skin benefits is its ability to remove old blemishes and age spots without pain or difficulty.

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