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As your body gets older, it changes. You don’t really value the youth and vitality of your appearance until it starts to fade away, and at that point you’re willing to try anything to reclaim that youth. There is an entire anti aging market out there with all kinds of methods, treatments, and procedures that target people looking for anti aging results. These treatments vary in strength, cost, and effectiveness. In this article I will discuss some of the more extreme anti aging surgery options out there. Just because these are the strongest options available doesn’t mean they are desirable. Some of these anti aging surgeries are simply better left alone. A lot of research has been done in the demographics of anti aging surgeries, and it reveals a great deal about what different age group expect of their appearance.

The Borrowed Visage

Surprisingly, many young people (19-34) choose anti aging procedures like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and microdermabrasion. Especially on the younger end of this spectrum, your skin is still young and developing. Microdermabrasion is not full-scale surgery, but it can still have its downsides. One of the reasons to avoid something like microdermabrasion is that your skin is very delicate and sensitive. You never know exactly how your skin will respond. If the procedure goes poorly, you could end up making your skin look older than ever. Certainly consult a doctor before doing it, and don’t do it yourself. It can also be a waste of money. Oftentimes you need several treatments for it to be effective, and the results are never magical.

Cosmetic Surgeries

Most people don’t mind the look of natural aging on the skin. Others have a hard time letting it go. Botox and other injections are a must-have for these people in order to feel youthful. These injection-type procedures are probably the most popular anti aging options. But just because they are commonplace doesn’t mean you should go out and do likewise. First of all, you never know exactly how your skin will respond to injections. If it goes wrong, your face can be permanently damaged. Also, the results are very obvious! Injected skin is pretty easy to notice. Most people would agree that truly youthful and beautiful skin is natural and expressive. The problem with injections is that they can take away your facial personality. Injections essentially freeze your muscles in place and you won’t be able to express yourself naturally!

Natural Products Are Safer

Before turning to injections, surgeries, or other types of procedures, look in to natural treatments! Obviously it is not wise to buy every product that claims it provides a genuine face-lift, but some products out there are safe, easy, and somewhat effective on the signs of aging. There are many benefits to these products: they don’t cost much, there are no side effects, and there is no pain involved. You want to look for creams and serums that have true moisturizing properties, which will help the general appearance and feel of your skin. Moisturized skin also takes away the appearance of wrinkles and lines. When you go looking for these types of products, stay away from those that contain chemical additives and preservatives. Additionally, products that contain alcohol will likely dry your skin, which is the opposite of what you want.  The signs of aging are completely natural, and they are nothing to get upset about. But if you really can’t handle a few wrinkles and lines, research all your options and take caution when trying any anti aging treatments.

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