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Muscle Supplements are a blend of ingredients that make a formula to help build and sustain muscle mass. Typically taken by gym goers and bodybuilders, there are many different types of muscle supplements ranging in uses and quality. In conjunction with consistent weight-lifting exercise, they may help to build solid, lean muscle mass. And although they are mostly marketed at men, there are muscle supplements made for women, as well.
Some muscle supplements are made to increase testosterone production. Which, in turn, boosts muscle building power. And others work to improve blood flow to deliver more oxygen-rich nutrients to the muscles. This also helps to cut recovery time. Generally, there are 3 different types of muscles supplements:

Each type is used for a different purpose. Generally, the pre-workout formula will contain proteins and other building blocks of muscle. It may also contain vitamins and minerals that help muscle form. The intra workout may contain energy boosters for your body and your muscles. And the post-workout formula will contain ingredients that work to heal the muscles from the tearing of muscle building and treat fatigue. However, there are many different types with different purposes. So doing your research before you buy is crucial to achieve your goals.

Ingredients In Muscle Supplements

There are about as many types of muscle supplements are there are people looking for muscle supplements. Even so, most muscle supplements contain at least one of more of the following ingredients:

  • Multivitamins – Working out depletes your body of energy, as well as vital nutrition. So many supplements will contain vitamins to help refuel your body and get you back to the gym as soon as possible.
  • Glutamine – This amino acid has many uses, including to help your muscle building efforts. Basically, when you train, you are kind of hurting your body. So glutamine works to reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. Which, in turn, helps your body work better in the long run.
  • Creatine – This is a natural substance that can help with muscle growth and retention. Also it helps to build raw strength, so you can be and feel stronger in the gym.
  • Other Amino Acids – Amino acids are popular in muscle supplements. That’s because, quite literally, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. And any good gym rat knows that you need protein in order to get ripped. Some of the common amino acids include: arginine, citrulline, and norvaline.

Side Effects Of Muscle Supplements

The side effects of muscle supplementation determined by which muscle supplement you are using. However, for the most part, you could say that misuse of muscle supplements can increase your risk of kidney and liver damage. This can be very dangerous, and potentially fatal. So if you have any medical conditions that affect your liver or kidneys, or any internal organ, it’s best to speak with a doctor first.

Muscle supplements can also cause gastrointestinal distress. This is especially true if you have any kind of milk allergy or lactose intolerance, as many formulas are created with dairy. There are other options for those with a sensitivity, and you just have to do some digging. If you experience any type of gastrointestinal distress, make sure you’re following the directions. But you can also try cutting your dosage.

Dehydration is another common side effect of muscle supplements. This can occur simply because you’re working out, however. As training hard can cause dehydration by itself. So make sure you’re upping your water if you work out. You may need to start drinking a lot more than you’re accustomed to based on the ingredients in the formula, as well. Anything with caffeine will cause slight dehydration. So keep a water bottle on hand to make it easy to take a sip every now and then.

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