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Testosterone is the predominant hormone in men. Optimal levels of testosterone are important for overall health and wellness. It has many physiological effects from muscle development to heart health. In this article, we will be discussing a number of benefits to have adequate testosterone levels.

Biggest Testosterone Benefits:

There are plenty of benefits of Testosterone we could talk about, but we’re going to focus on a few of the biggest and most common ones

Increased Muscle Mass

Many already know about the relationship between testosterone levels and muscle growth. As a human growth hormone, testosterone optimizes protein synthesis. It helps accelerate muscle recovery after rigorous workouts. In turn, this helps build strength more quickly and efficiently.

Decreases Body Fat

There is a vicious cycle between the relationship of declining testosterone and increasing adipose tissue (fat). Body fat accumulation increases in direct correlation to decreasing T levels. What is worse is that increasing body fat contributes to declining testosterone levels. This is because adipose tissue converts testosterone into estrogen. Testosterone is important in the regulation of insulin, glucose and fat metabolism.

Supports Heart Health

There is some inconsistency among the science community on testosterones direct impact on heart health. Some more recent studies would indicate that below normal testosterone levels can lead to increased risk of heart disease. Previous studies indicate that higher levels of testosterone can cause more potential for heart problems. However, there is one thing that should be made clear. The hormone itself does not have a direct effect on cardiovascular health. Rather, it is the many other health benefits the is caused by testosterone that may be the source of strengthening the heart.

Strengthens Bones

In men, low levels of testosterone can contribute to the bone-weakening diseases, osteoporosis. More commonly associated with women, men can also be stricken by this disease. Since gestation, testosterone has been responsible for the growth, density and strengthening of the bones. Testosterone improves bone strength through the stimulation of mineralization. In addition, it also slows down the process of bone resorption.

Improves Libido & Erections

As a sex hormone, testosterone levels correlate with libido and erectile health. Low levels of testosterone and lead to a decreased libido and erectile dysfunctions. These are usually the two preliminary indicators of low T levels. A steep decline in the interest for sexual intercourse could be a red flag for low T levels. Naturally, higher levels of testosterone are apparent by increased sexual appetite as well as stronger and more frequent erections.

Boosts Competitive Spirit

There is no denying the reputation of men being the more competitive sex. The likely culprit would be testosterone. This could be the cause of that the drive to be the best and to win. Testosterone enhances muscle mass, reaction speed and visual acuity. It also enhances endurance, hemoglobin and feelings of invincibility.

Enhanced Cognitive Ability

Studies reveal that there is a linear relationship between levels of testosterone and cognitive function. Researchers report that optimal testosterone levels may reduce the decay of brain tissue. Symptoms of low T in men are “fogginess,” reduced concentration and memory loss. Moreover, studies also indicate that health T levels could help minimize the risk for brain disease, such as Alzheimer’s.

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