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There’s a famous quote from Marie Osmond that goes like this: “The good Lord made us all out of iron. Then he turns up the heat to forge some of us into steel.” It’s a great statement on its own, but it also speaks to the role that fire plays in forging metal. Likewise, heat is also vital to the process of forging strong, rock-hard muscle. Thermogenesis refers to the process of using heat in the body to leverage metabolism and burn fat. Therefore, thermogenic supplements can be extremely useful in assisting this dynamic and sculpting the physique you desire.

You may not be aware of it, but your body is working on its own to produce heat at all times. When you get cold and you begin to shiver, it is an automatic reaction wherein the muscles twitch to create kinetic energy. That is a more noticeable and visible form of thermogenics. At a more subtle level, the body constantly using brown adipose tissue (aka brown fat) works at a cellular level to to create energy and heat. Many experts refer to brown fat as “good fat” in part due to its crucial functionality in this regard. This process naturally burns away excess fat cells due to the oxidation and the increase of energy expenditure.

In other words, thermogenesis turns up the heat on metabolism.

Without question, weight loss is one of the fastest growing frontiers for the application of these biological concepts. But thermogenesis is already a centerpiece of many muscle-building approaches. It is in this area that thermogenic supplements are most popular.

How Thermogenic Supplements Work For Muscle

Research shows that thermogenics lead to greater muscle mass gains as well as higher muscular endurance. This can vastly increase workout productivity, enabling you to take on more reps and experience faster results. With thermogenic supplements in play you are able to increase your metabolism. The byproduct of this is the creation of heat and energy. We can then use this as fuel to not only drive our exercise regimen but also to power our healing process.

As a result, muscle tissues repair more quickly and we can gain lean mass in a hurry. And even better, we able to directly target fat cells and torch them away while preserving our muscle. There’s a reason many people feel that thermogenic supplements are the key to chiseling an ideal figure.

Popular Types of Thermogenic Supplements

There are many forms of thermogenic supplements for workouts. Here are some of the primary ingredients that drive them. Keep an eye out for these components on product labels and remember the distinguishing factors:

Green Tea Extract: If you ever use caffeine to energize your workouts, I recommend giving a green tea supplement a try. This delivers similar effects but in a more natural way. You can experience the metabolic benefits while avoiding the increase in heart rate inherent to caffeinated drinks and sugary shots. Green tea also helps improve focus and is a common nootropics ingredient.

Guarana: This is more similar to caffeine. In fact, guaranine — the active property in this Brazilian herb — is chemically identical to the coffee and cola mainstay. Guarana works in the same general manner to improve endurance and stamina. It’s simply a more natural and healthy version of caffeine, essentially.

Hydroxycitric Acid: Found within the garcinia cambogia fruit, which is a very common weight loss supplement ingredient, HCA stimulates processes in the body that naturally produce energy. It’s a longtime go-to substance for people trying to shed extra pounds, but garcinia is growing in popularity among body building communities. As an added benefit, HCA boosts serotonin leading to greater mental satiety and focus.

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