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If you’re a man over the age of 30, then there’s a good chance you could use a natural testosterone boost. As an inevitable part of the aging process, males inevitably begin to lose this critical production around this period in life. While production declines, we experience a number of effects and most of them are disadvantageous.

Before we dive into some methods for naturally and safely raising testosterone levels, let’s talk about some of the reasons to do so.

Benefits of a Natural Testosterone Boost

Enhance Your Workouts. As we get older, the task of getting to the gym and banging out reps grows increasingly tough. Altering hormone levels play a significant role in this. Restoring testosterone can rejuvenate your exercise regimen in many ways. It’ll help provide more energy and endurance for cardio activites, but is especially helpful for strength training. Testosterone plays a key role in muscle development. When you have higher levels you can push through workouts with more intensity and last longer thanks to superior stamina. Additionally, you’ll recover fast and add muscle maass more quickly.

Reignite a Spark in the Bedroom. In addition to muscle growth, sex life is another area that testosterone affects considerably. The primary reason that men start to see diminishing in their sexual prowess — whether desire or performance, or both — as they get older is because of hormonal changes. A natural testosterone boost helps increase libido while also enabling men to experience stronger erections, orgasms and sexual endurance.

Regain Your Edge. It can be hard to describe, but as testosterone levels drop we just sort of lose that manly vigor. We soften in our tone, we attack tasks with less fervor, and our inner fire begins to dim. Using safe methods to regain a good hormone balance can make a huge difference in this regard.

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Eat good fats. We generally view it as a negative but in fact consuming higher amounts of dietary fat can increase testosterone production, according to studies. Monosaturated fats, found in avocados, peanut butter, olive oil and so forth, will do wonders. Red meat is also a good source of beneficial fats.

Load up on testo nutrients. There are many properties in food that can have a positive effect on testosterone production. Among them are Vitamin D (found in dairy and vegetables), zin (most meats have plenty) and several amino acids.

Short burst workouts. Sometimes we associate long exercise sessions with productivity, but in reality these can be draining. Focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with short rest periods and reap the rewards with a natural testosterone boost.

Get plenty of sleep. Our bodies produce testosterone while we sleep and rely on ample rest to produce this hormone throughout the day. Research shows that individuals who don’t get enough sleep produce significantly lower testo levels. The optimal window is between seven and nine hours per night.

Use natural testosterone supplements. Avoid products with artificial and synthetic ingredients. These waver in effectiveness, and tend to carry potentially harmful side effects. You will be better off supplementing daily with an herbal capsule that works along with your bodily functions. Components such as L-arginine and tongkat ali tend to deliver excellent healthy hormone support for a natural testosterone boost you can trust.

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