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There are many elements that affect the rate of muscle growth, athletic performance and the sex drive. The key element in the mix is testosterone. This male growth hormone affects just about everything that makes a man. It can support increased energy levels for longer lasting stamina. Furthermore, it improves protein synthesis for accelerated recovery. And, it can also help promote healthier libido and erectile function. As we age, the levels of testosterone tend to decrease naturally. However, supplements like LibidoGene Male Testosterone can help to reverse this occurrence.

Increasing your testosterone levels is one way of negating the side effects of decreasing male hormones. But, does LibidoGene help slow down this process? Will it increase free levels of testosterone? Are there any side effects of LibidoGene? These are questions you may want to answer before you take the plunge and buy this product outright. At New Cleanse Review, we hope to answer these questions. Check out this LibidoGene review to see if this supplement can help you enhance your sexual performance.

What Is LibidoGene?

LibidoGene Male Testosterone is a pharmaceutical-grade male enhancement. It is designed to help improve penis size and quality. In addition, it may help you maintain erections longer for extend sessions. This is further supported through the increase in energy and stamina. LibidoGene aims to take your virility and sexual performance to the next level. Thereby, you may have more explosive sex and enjoy longer lasting pleasure for both you and your partner.

How Does LibidoGene Work?

The LibidoGene formula utilizes pro-sexual nutrients to help improve your virility and vitality. It helps to increase your endurance so you can last longer in bed. That means, marathon stamina and all night sessions. The LibidoGene formula drives blood into the penis for on command erections. This can offer bigger and longer lasting erections. It also utilizes the benefits of orgasm control so you can prevent premature ejaculation.

Is LibidoGene Effective?

In order for a formula to be effective, it must include male enhancement nutrients that actually work. The LibidoGene formula contains a blend of clinically tested herbal extracts, which can offer you the results you seek. It includes potent nitric oxide boosters that increase blood flow to the penis. In addition, it contains aphrodisiacs that can give your libido a boost. It even contains ingredients that help reduce the effects of impotency.

LibidoGene Benefits Include:

  • Climax Control for Reduce Premature Ejaculation
  • Enhanced Sexual Stamina That Supports Longer Sessions
  • Artery Expansion and Increased Blood Flow for Bigger Erections
  • Healthier Libido for More Passion Sex and Intensified Orgasms
  • Increases Testosterone And Nitric Oxide Levels

LibidoGene Ingredients

LibidoGene contains a proprietary blend of herbal extracts. It’s pro-sexual nutrients promote an improved sexual performance and allow you to go longer. The unique combination of extracts give you a natural boost to your libido.


This amino acid can help expand vascular tissue to help increase the volume of blood pumped with each beat of the heart. This increased blood circulation allows you to achieve bigger erections that last longer and occur more frequently.


Ginseng is well known for its positive sexual influences that promote the physiological aspects of male performance. In addition, it promotes relaxation by reducing stress and boost your mood. These benefits can help men perform at their peak.


Horny Goat Weed is a potent aphrodisiac that heightens sexual appetite. It has been used for centuries to improve endurance during sex. Furthermore, it can provide longer lasting erections and intensify orgasms.


The Saw Palmetto fruit is thoroughly documented for its sexual benefits. This nutrient has a centuries old resume in the medicinal treatment of impotency. It supports an increase in the libido that can support improved sexual performance and confidence.

Where To Order LibidoGene?

The link to LibidoGene is not provided by New Cleanse Review. However, it is an easy product to find by searching online. If you would rather not spend the extra effort you could always check out the #1 Male Enhancement Supplements we recommend in our article.

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