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Joint pain can be a debilitating issue. When your knees or hips or back are badly hurting, it can feel impossible to even get up and move around, much less enjoy an active lifestyle. This is a pervasive issue that affects a large percentage of individuals. Some studies suggest that as many as half of Americans experience some form of joint pain, while around one in three report chronic issues. It can also be a very tricky problem to deal with. There isn’t necessarily any perfect solution. However, finding joint relief pills that work proves to be a big difference-maker for a lot of people.

Joint relief pills come in different varieties and compositions. Sometimes they are simply herbal capsules offering nutrients that directly target the causes of joint pain occurrences. In other cases, there are pharmaceutical drugs that deliver a more substantial punch. Those often come with potential side effects and they can be expensive. Therefore, we’re going to focus more today on joint supplements, and how to find ones that work. There are a few key natural ingredients that can really make a positive impact in this regard.

Why Does Joint Pain Occur?

In order to relieve joint pain, it’s helpful to first understand why it happens. There are several different causes of chronic joint pain. In some cases they are avoidable and in other cases they are not. Many people experience these issues because of a past injury, or due to a specific health condition. In other cases, it might be due to repetitive use or deterioration in the ligaments, tendons or cartilage. Regardless of the underlying cause, the methods for treating these pains with joint relief pills are conceptually the same. It’s all about ingredients that directly target the problem and offer support.

Best Natural Joint Relief Pills

Fish Oil Supplements: These capsules are an excellent vehicle for omega-3 fatty acids, which are arguably the best nutrient for joint support. Their anti-inflammatory qualities help calm barking joints and these healthy fats also can help structurally improve eroding cartilage or tissues. Many people who experience chronic knee soreness rely upon omega-3 supplements as their primary joint relief pills, with strong results.

Turmeric Supplements: This plant from the ginger family, commonly present in curry recipes, is gaining steam for a variety of health perks. Its utility in joint relief pills is one of them. Thanks to a chemical called curcumin, turmeric acts as a natural pain reliever and helps cut down inflammation and stiffness. Supplements featuring this ingredient are not too difficult to find.

Green Tea Extract: There are so many reasons to love green tea. It’s a healthy natural caffeine source and a great alternative to energy drinks. It offers some significant weight loss support. And green tea also helps specifically relieve joint inflammation in connective tissues. This is due to the compound ECGC, an inhibitor of inflammation molecules.

Of course, beyond the supplements and joint relief pills, there are also some steps you can take to improve the problem. Above all, stay active with low-impact exercises. Walking and swimming are great choices to stay loose and avoid stiffness from under-use.

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