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We’ve been hearing rumors about a new male enhancement supplement about to hit the market.  It’s called Fortraxitone, and it’s supposed to be the next big thing.  Not much is known about it right now, but we’re going to discuss what we know about the product, plus give some insight into when you can get it, and at what price.

When Will Fortraxitone Be Available?

That’s the million dollar question right now.  Judging by the information we’ve seen, we have it on good faith that Fortraxitone will be released to the public in the next few weeks.  We’re starting to see ramped up advertising, and with so much activity going on that side, we think it will hit the market soon.  We doubt it will be in any physical stores, but more on that below.

Where Can I Buy Fortraxitone?

It’s hard to tell at this point, but we think that Fortraxitone will most likely be an internet exclusive.   It’s a big trend in supplements right now.  Here’s why; it cuts out the middle man and  keeps prices reasonable.  We think that this one could go for upward of $200/bottle if you got it at a supplement store.  But because it’s probably going to be available online, and only through the manufacturer, it will most likely be brought down by over 50%.  That’s a common theme for online only products like Fortraxitone pills.

What Does Fortraxitone Do?

We have it on good authority that Fortraxitone will be operating as a pure, male enhancement supplement.  That quiets rumors we had been hearing that it would be a hybrid nitric oxide/muscle supplement.  So what kind of benefits does that offer?    Basically a more focused approach on male enhancement.  But that might be selling it short, too.  Most “pure” male enhancement supplements these days give benefits in not only libido, but also testosterone production.  We also think it will either give benefits in either size, or nitric oxide formation.

Fortraxitone, at a glance;

  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Niche: Male Enhancement
  • Price:  Unknown
  • Reviews:  None Yet
  • Fortraxitone: Pills or Powder?

We’re 99% sure Fortraxitone will be in pill-form.  It’s the en vogue method of supplement delivery these days, and definitely has some benefits over powder form.  The biggest one for us has been portability and ease of use.  Powders have a tendency to not mix well, and even then require you to have a shaker on you at all times.  That can make an added hassle that many of us don’t want to deal with.  Pills have the benefit of being just as effectively absorbed, and being portable.  They also require less equipment, and fit easily in your bag.

Fortraxitone Trial Program

There isn’t much out there right now about a potential trial program fro Fortraxitone, but we think there will be.  It’s the most common delivery system these days, especially if they decide to do “online only”.  We’re going to keep a close eye on this one, so stay tuned for updates.  If you want to subscribe to our mailing list, we can let you know as soon as this one drops.  Until then, check out our guide to muscle supplements and get yourself educated!

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