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You’ve probably heard of Creatine before in relation to muscle supplements. Well, it’s a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in people’s bodies. And, it’s main job is to help recycle ATP, which is basically the energy molecule of the cells in your body. In other words, it helps make sure your cells always have energy, even after a tough workout. It helps make you less tired over time, and it ensures that after a tough workout your body can get its energy back. Without Creatine, you’d probably always be exhausted after a workout.

Where Is Creatine Made?

The majority of Creatine production occurs in your kidney and liver. On average, your body produces around 1 gram per day in adults. But, you can also get some Creatine from your diet. With your diet, the average person takes in another gram of this nutrient every day. Then, any extra Creatine your body isn’t currently using gets stored in the skeletal muscle. Otherwise, it’s sent throughout your body through the blood. That way, it can get to your brain and other tissues that need more energy. Basically, it keeps your body going the way it’s supposed to.

Creatine And Exercising

The main role of this acid is to ensure your cells have enough energy to do what they need to do. Imagine walking a few miles in the heat, and then finally getting to sit down. You know that intense feeling of relief you get at being able to finally relax? Well, without Creatine, you wouldn’t have the energy to get back up again. Because, this little acid actually helps your cells recuperate after a lot of activity. It gives your cells more ATP back, which is the energy cells use to keep you going.

So, Creatine plays a direct role in making sure you can go on with your life beyond your workout. Imagine crushing an hour long workout and not being able to drag yourself out of the gym because you’re exhausted. Basically, without Creatine, your cells wouldn’t have enough new energy to carry yourself out of the gym. So, this essential nutrient helps rebuild your energy levels and make sure your cells are never without it. And, that also helps make sure you can do another workout the next day. Because, without energy in your cells, you wouldn’t be able to work out efficiently.

So, Should You Take A Supplement With Creatine?

Creatine is incredibly important to the body and the way it uses energy. So, if you’re an athlete, work out a lot, or simply want to increase muscle mass, this nutrient can seriously help you boost your results. Because, if you take a supplement that contains Creatine, you’re essentially improving the way your body uses energy. Basically, you’re giving your cells more energy, which can help you push harder in the gym. So, a supplement that uses Creatine can really help you have more endurance in the gym and get you the big results you’re after.

Of course, like with any supplement, you need to be careful with what product you choose. You can’t just choose the first supplement you see that has Creatine in it. Because, the other ingredients could cause side effects that could harm you in the long run. So, always look for a formula that contains natural ingredients, like amino acids or herbs. But, studies do show that taking Creatine orally can help increase your body’s response and energy during exercise. So, if you really want to increase your muscle mass or beat your last personal record, this nutrient is one that can really help.

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