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You know how it happens – you failed an important test, or you had an exceptionally hard day at work with your boss.  Before you know it, you’ve stopped at a fast food restaurant and chowed down on a large box of fries.  Or, you end up eating a whole pint of ice cream when you finally crash on your couch.  And, while these little splurges don’t seem like much when they happen (how many times have you said, “Calories don’t count on the weekend/when I’m sad/on Valentine’s Day”?), they really add up over time.  So, you could end up feeling a lot worse when you step on the scale and notice your weight has ballooned.  The good news is that we’re going to be talking about how to avoid emotional eating today.

Believe it or not, but there are ways to keep yourself in check, even when you don’t feel like you WANT to be in check.  But, at the end of the day, you’ll thank yourself for staying true to your real hunger and not to the whims of your emotions.  So, you want to know how to avoid emotional eating?  Check out our list – we’ve got you covered!

How To Avoid Emotional Eating: Acknowledge Your Feelings

The moment you start to feel like something isn’t going your way, you know it.  Maybe you have tension in your neck or you anxiously fidget.  The good news is that by understanding how you feel, you can set yourself to avoid the snacks.  And, you can start planning new ways to handle your feelings, without digging into the pantry.

How To Avoid Emotional Eating: Don’t Seek Distraction

So often, eating is just a way to distract ourselves from feeling the pain that we don’t want to experience.  Either you seek the feel-good rush of sugar, or just to do something with your jaw – anything to stop from feeling sad, lonely, afraid, what have you.   But, it’s important to experience your feelings.  Talking about your feelings can often be way to experience them constructively, with another person.  (As long as your friend also understands how to avoid emotional eating and doesn’t encourage you to feel better with a pint of ice cream.)

How To Avoid Emotional Eating: Pick Yourself Up

Going into a food spiral is just a recipe for disaster.  Instead, you can find a way to make the situation work in your favor.  If you’re anxious, you could spend some of that nervous energy on a walk around the neighborhood.  Or, once you’ve talked through your feelings, you could make the conscious decision to walk away from the source of frustration and do something else.  Reading a book, for example, or cooking a healthy dish, can be constructive ways to recover from a bought of emotional stress.

In the end, you can’t avoid emotional trauma altogether.  But, you probably wouldn’t want to.  After all, emotional ups and downs are part of the journey of life.  And, if you do slip up and binge out on food when you’re upset, forgive yourself and move on.  Even if you do understand how to avoid emotional eating, nobody is perfect!  It’s time to live your best life, and that’s not in the past!

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