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Can you actually boost your brain power with a supplement? Well, that’s where we’re here to find out. Many people think that Neuro Boost IQ is the next greatest brain supplement. And, with more and more people having trouble focusing in their everyday lives, it’s no wonder people are reaching for supplements. Some experts say that lack of sleep is causing this attention problem in our society. Others point to the sheer amount of media that we take in every day. Whatever the cause, Neuro Boost IQ claims it can help fix the problem. So, let’s see if that’s true.

Neuro Boost IQ is a new supplement that says it can help increase your brain power. It also says it is clinically proven by one of America’s top hospitals. Apparently, it’s proven by the University of Maryland Medical Center to work. So, there’s that at least. Anyway, let’s get back to it. This brain supplement is supposed to help you increase your focus and attention for five to six hours. So, that’d be good for working on a project or cramming for a test. It also claims to use natural Ginkgo Biloba, Indian Kino, L-Theanine, and Bacopa Monnieri to boost brain power. Let’s see if Neuro Boost IQ is legitimate.

How Does Neuro Boost IQ Work?

According to the website, Neuro Boost IQ is supposed to help make you think more clearly, have a longer attention span, stay on task, and increase your focus. It also says it comes with no crashes or serious side effects like caffeine. So, if you don’t like coffee or the jittery feeling it gives you, this is apparently an alternative to that. It’s funny, because Neuro Boost IQ uses a completely different formula than we usually see with brain supplements. So, let’s dive in and see if its formula is worth a try.

Neuro Boost IQ Benefits And Claims:

  • Can Help Increase Your Focus
  • Improves Attention For 6 Hours
  • No Crash, Jitters, Or Side Effects
  • Helps You Stay On Task Longer
  • Increases Performance At Work

Neuro Boost IQ Ingredients

Neuro Boost IQ claims to work with completely natural ingredients, which we always appreciate. We recommend pairing any brain supplement with a healthy diet rich in foods that support brain health. Then, maybe let a supplement help with the rest. But, it depends on the formula. Neuro Boost IQ claims to include:

  1. Indian Kino – Never heard of it? Us, either. But, according to the Neuro Boost IQ site, this ingredient can help boost memory. It can also improve your stamina when working on a task.
  2. Ginkgo Biloba – More common in natural brain supplements, Neuro Boost IQ says that this can help with circulation to the brain. And, that would be good, because the more circulation the more oxygen, and the faster your thoughts flow.
  3. L-Theanine – Next Neuro Boost IQ says that this can help with calming and relaxing you. Truly, sometimes attention problems stem from being too stressed to focus. So, that could be a good added benefit.
  4. Bacopa Monnieri – Finally, the ingredient that’s supposedly approved by that top hospital. Neuro Boost IQ says it uses this to support your focus, memory, and mood. Well, that all sounds like a plus to us.

Neuro Boost IQ Free Trial Offer

We recommend starting with a free trial of Neuro Boost IQ if you want to try it. That way, you can decide for yourself how you like it without paying for the whole bottle up front. Sometimes, trials are the best way to test drive a product for yourself. And, we’re so far giving this brain supplement two thumbs up. We’ll elaborate more on that below. Always keep in mind that you should be reading the fine print before buying Neuro Boost. And, writing down your trial end date is also a smart move.

Neuro Boost IQ Review

Our final thoughts? Well, if you’ve been around our place a few times, you know we only rate a product good if it has a stellar formula. And, we’re happy to say that Neuro Boost more than passes that test. Because, it includes four natural ingredients that are backed by clinical studies. Not to mention, they all do exactly what the supplement company is claiming they do. Plus, the natural formula makes sure you don’t have to take prescription pills for an attention problem. We give Neuro Boost IQ two thumbs up, and we even linked it for your convenience. Click above to get this as a free trial today.

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