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Do you struggle with mental focus and clarity? Can you not seem to cognitively handle it all? Is life moving too fast for you to keep up? Maybe a nootropic smart drug will help! Introducing Intelligence Rx. And despite its name, no, you don’t need a prescription. In this brief review of Intelligence Rx, we’ll look at what a nootropic can do for you and if Intelligence Rx is the right fit!

Why Intelligence Rx? Because other substances to help you work hard and play hard aren’t enough. Or they are addictive and have horrible side effects. Also, this supplement is engineered specifically with your memory in mind. So if memory recall is your main concern with your cognitive health, this may be the one for you! If you want to learn more about Intelligence Rx Pills, keep reading. Otherwise you can just click the button below to find our favorite nootropic smart drugs and cognitive enhancers now!


Intelligence Rx Ingredients

We don’t know exactly what the ingredients are in this supplement, though we do know that it contains a “100% pure phosphatidylserine complex.” We recommend calling customer service for a complete ingredients matrix report. Please see the bottom of this page for contact information. You want to know exactly what you are putting in your body no matter what the supplement is, so it is very important that you know a full ingredients list before you commit to the nootropic you choose. You can also compare with our favorite smart drugs by clicking the button above.

Does Intelligence Rx Work?

While you can’t be sure that any nootropic will work for you until you try, there is research to support the ingredients in this supplement like this one that shows how phosphatidylserine from soybeans helped restore memory for elderly Japanese subjects. After 6 months, people showed improved memory functioning. So these results show promise for this specific ingredient found in IntelligenceRx. This is especially the case if your main cognitive hurdle is memory recall. If you are a student looking for a cognitive enhancer to help you with studying for tests, this may be the right kind of nootropic for you.

Intelligence Rx Side Effects

Phosphatidylserine is considered safe when used correctly with the proper dosage. Some studies have had people use phosphatidylserine for up to 6 months. However, there are possible side effects when you use this supplement ingredient at doses that exceed 300 milligrams including upset stomach and insomnia. You can learn about other common nootropic side effects here.

Where To Buy Intelligence Rx

You can go directly to the Intelligence Rx Official Website to buy and find out the Intelligence Rx Price so you can determine if the Intelligence Rx Cost is worth it for you. Perhaps they are running a trial, so you can look for that as well. Contact their customer service at 888-285-2795, Monday through Friday, 9am EST – 9pm EST and 9am EST – 6PM EST on Saturdays. You can also email at And click the button above if you’d like to compare with other nootropic smart drugs!

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