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Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest tree species still alive today. Scientists believe the tree has been around for over 200 million years. The tree is originally from China and parts of Asia. So, what makes this plant so great? The fan-like leaves on the trees are some of the most studied botanical around the world. Why? The leaf contains an active ingredient clinically proven to hold lots of benefits. The plant was initially practiced in the world of Chinese medicine. When the gingko tree gained popularity, people began making supplements out of the extract. Continue reading for frequently asked questions regarding the ginkgo biloba and how/why it is used:

What are the Benefits of Taking Ginkgo?

The active ingredient found in the ginkgo biloba leaf contains a lot of benefits. One benefit is the improvement of blood flow to the brain. Studies have shown that the extract can enhance memory as well as boost cognitive speed. Some have linked the extract to helping with memory problems caused by dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. Although ginkgo extract does not cure cognitive problems, it can help to prevent the progression of symptoms. Another benefit of taking gingko is that is can help to ease pain related injuries. Studies have shown that the extract may help to ease leg pain, PMS symptoms such as tenderness and in some cases, arthritis. The last benefit has to do with helping symptoms of depression and ADHD. Although more research needs to be conducted, some believe the extract can help to lower levels of anxiety and relax cognitive over drive.

When can Users Start to Notice Results?

Although the exact time frame varies from person to person on when results can be seen, most experience the full benefits when taking the extract for a full 3-7 weeks. Ginkgo is for long term use and safe to use for long periods of time. Always make sure to take the recommended dosage. The extract is 100% natural and has a slow release rate on the body. Natural supplements provide long term, progressive benefits that strengthen the body’s natural defenses. It is important to keep in mind that most supplements work best when a reasonable and balanced diet is maintained. Taking care of your wellness will help to accelerate result time.

Are There Any Known Side Effects of Taking Ginkgo?

Ginkgo biloba extract is a safe drug in most cases. Because it is 100% natural, (check out our article on other anxiety supplements here)the extract alone does not contain any life-threatening side effects. However, some users have noted experiencing minor side effects. These side effects include stomach upset, headache, dizzy spells and in some cases, allergic reactions. If you are taking prescription medications while on ginkgo biloba extract, make sure to check if it is safe to take both. In some cases, ginkgo can alter the effectiveness of certain medications. Consult your doctor or prescriber before taking this supplement. It would also be wise to talk to a specialist if you have specific health care needs that could be effected by taking ginkgo supplements.

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