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The perception of cannabis in society is undergoing a seismic shift. Once upon a time, most people associated the plant with its psychoactive properties and recreational drug usage. Whether stoner stereotypes embodied by characters such as Cheech and Chong, or hysteria-inducing materials like Reefer Madness, marijuana has gotten a bad rap. Today, some people still have negative connotations of it, and cannabis remains illegal around most of the country for recreational purposes. However, more and more we are recognizing this herbal property for its medicinal benefits. In particular, there is one component of cannabis that acutely delivers calming cognitive advantages. But is CBD safe for use?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This compound comes from the cannabis plant through a specific extraction process. The key differentiator here is that CBD contains virtually no THC. This is, of course, the psychoactive component of the plant. It’s responsible for causing a “high” feeling. It’s also the part of the cannabis plant that shows up on a drug test and can get you in trouble. CBD has its own unique set of benefits and many people enjoy it without the THC effects. In fact, for those who don’t care for those psychoactive mind-altering feelings, it can be quite preferable. But is CBD safe for consumption, and are there reservations you should have when considering it?

Health Benefits of CBD

Before we tackle the possible downsides to CBD, let’s first examine the reasons you might consider taking it in the first place. Usually you will find it in the form of an oil. Because it is (purportedly) legal in all 50 states, CBD oil is rather easily accessible. If you can’t find it in a nearby store then you should have no trouble finding it online. It’s growing increasingly affordable as extraction and manufacturing methods improve.

CBD has an acutely relaxing impact on the brain. You may hear about patients using medicinal marijuana to treat problems like seizures, psychosis, chronic pain and anxiety. This is due to its overall dulling effect, which brings on a sense of happy relaxation. Unlike many drugs that address these conditions, CBD does not typically cause feelings of lethargy. Its greatest appeal is that it can improve mood and reduce pain without some of the common coinciding side effects. But is CBD safe for you to use when accounting for everything?

Is CBD Safe to Consume?

The number one question that comes to consumer minds is whether CBD is actually legal. And honestly, there isn’t a ton of clarity on the matter. As mentioned above, sellers tend to promote it as completely legal throughout the country. Late last year, the DEA published an article suggesting it still views CBD oil as a controlled substance despite the extremely low level of THC content. There is a lot of debate and controversy over this decision, so we’ll see how things play out. For now, the matter is in flux.

Once you get past the legality factor, there aren’t many risks that tie to the ingredient. Because it is a natural plant extract, it doesn’t cause many adverse reactions in humans. There are reports of some problematic drug interactions. So if you take prescriptions, it’s a good idea to cross check before adding this to your regimen.

Is CBD safe? From a pure health standpoint, the answer is mostly yet. The concerns surrounding this ingredient tie mostly to its dicey legal status. If you live in a state with restrictions surrounding cannabis and marijuana, it’s smart to take a deep look before using these products.

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