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In the steamy wetlands of Southeastern Asia, Africa, India and Australia, a perennial plant grows with white flowers adorning its thick leafy vines. It goes by names like water hyssop, brahmi and the herb of grace. But more commonly, we know it as bacopa monnieri. This popular herbal ingredients finds itself in all sorts of supplements and health products, owing to its significant benefits across a variety of measures. It is particularly advantageous for cognitive function and stress reduction. But our goal today is to outline some of the bacopa monnieri side effects. You should be aware of all the outcomes that this property entails before adding it to your regimen.

The field of nootropic is one that continues to grow at a dramatic rate. It’s one of the most widely applicable fields in the dietary supplement industry. That’s because the positive aspects of these products can help just about everyone. While not all individuals are looking to lose weight, or gain muscle, gaining mental sharpness is almost always an objective. We go about this in many ways, whether it’s that morning cup of coffee or lifestyle habits (diet, sleep, exercise) to enhance focus and memory. Nootropics use herbal ingredients as a base to benefit the brain in specific ways. Bacopa monnieri is one of the most prevalent items you will find in these formulas.

Why Use Bacopa Monnieri?

People rely on drugs to assist a variety of mental conditions and disorders. Many believe that these pills are over-prescribed, with considerable drawbacks that include dependency and adverse impacts. Nootropics stand out as a better way because their natural composition jibes better with our biology. This isn’t to say they completely lack negative connotations, and we’ll go over some of the bacopa monnieri side effects below. But these types of ingredients tend to be far less severe in such respects.

Bacopa monnieri, for its part, has a long history of medicinal use. While a great deal of those uses lack real scientific support, its capabilities for influencing mood and focus have strong substantiation. Bacopa monnieri is a natural adaptogen, helping counter physical and mental stress. This can go a long way toward helping break through the clutter and fog. Studies show that this plant’s extract produces significant adaptogenic impact. Those who deal with mild anxiety or low moods can benefit from the subtle lifting effect of bacopa monnieri. It also shows signs of improving memory. These are the kinds of perks that can help you not only enjoy your days more, but also get more done.

At what cost, though?

Bacopa Monnieri Side Effects

Like with most nootropic ingredients, the number of bacopa monnieri side effects is relatively low. The natural origins of these formula components reduce severity and frequency of negative reactions. However, there are a few bacopa monnieri side effects that occur somewhat frequently. The most prevalent ones relate to stomach troubles. Some people do not react well to the ingredient digestively. Reports of upset stomach or nausea are not terribly unusual. These are typically temporary in nature and most often disappear with regular use.

Other bacopa monnieri side effects are exceedingly rare. For the most part people can feel confident and comfortable using this ingredient for cognitive improvement.

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