What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones provide the intense aroma in red raspberries. They are the natural phenolic compound in these small fruits. However, despite what the name may imply, raspberry ketones are not exclusively found in raspberries. In addition, these aroma compounds can be found in blackberries and cranberries.

The Biosynthesis of Raspberry Ketones

Chalcones productions creates the chemical compound called coumaroyl-Coenzyme A (also known as coumaroyl-CoA). These are the key compounds involved the biosynthesis pathways in plants involved in flavonoids and stilbenoids. Coumaroyl-CoA is responsible for biosynthesizing raspberry ketone. Typically, 1-4 mg per kg of raspberries are used to extract pure raspberry ketone.

What Are Raspberry Ketones Used For?

The fruity odor of raspberry ketones makes it desirable for usage in many products ranging from food additives to cosmetics to perfumes. Naturally occurring raspberry ketones are one of the most expensive flavoring components in the food industry as it is in very low abundance. One kg of pure raspberry ketones can cost upwards of $20,000 USD. This has led to the production of cheaper synthetic alternatives. Synthetic raspberry ketones may only cost $2 USD per pound or up to 1/5 of the natural compounds cost.

How Are Raspberry Ketones Extracted?

Raspberry Ketones are not very abundant naturally. This is what industrial preparation is utilized employing various methods involving chemical intermediates. One particular process, called crossed aldol-catalytic hydrogenation, yields an impressive 99% purity. This is the most efficient method of extracting the raspberry ketone compound.

Therapeutic Use & Effectiveness of Raspberry Ketones

There are a number of treatments and therapeutic practices that implement the use of raspberry ketone. As mentioned earlier, it is often used in perfumes, cosmetics and food. However, it has other applications that treat certain conditions.

Hair Loss

Alopecia areata, commonly referred to as hair loss, is a condition in which hair falls out leading to patchy and thinning hair. Some research indicates that raspberry ketone solutions can be created and used to treat the scalp of those with alopecia. These studies had shown that daily application may stimulate the growth of hair.

Male Pattern Baldness

Androgenic Alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, is a type of male hair loss. Hair loss will only occur on the top of the head, starting with bald patches or receding hairline. Studies have shown that regular raspberry ketone solution applied directly to the scalp can help treat male pattern baldness and encourage new hair growth.


Taking raspberry ketone in a pure supplement alone has produced mixed and unclear results. However, other research has shown that a combination of raspberry ketones and vitamin C had seen a decrease in the weight and body fat of healthy individuals. Another study involved using weight loss supplements that included raspberry ketones. Prograde Metabolism, a specific production containing raspberry ketone, Razberi K, Integrity Nutraceuticals and other ingredients, like caffeine, produced more significant results. These increased a twice daily supplementation for 8 weeks. Results revealed that there was a 2% loss of body weight, 7.8% loss of fat mass, 2% decline in waist circumference and a 1.7% reduction in hip circumference.

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