Weight Loss Benefits of Forskolin

As you probably know, weight loss can be very difficult, and for a number of reasons. Whether it’s lifestyle, genetics, diet, or exercise, losing weight is no walk in the park (or maybe that’s exactly what it is). In any case, statistics show that a very small percentage of people actually succeed in their weight loss goals. Those who do fail at losing just by watching what they eat and exercise are more likely to seek out other solutions like dietary supplements. In this article, I will discuss one of the common weight loss supplements that people use: Forskolin extract.

What Is Forskolin?

Forskolin is not the name of the plant but rather the compound found in a plant root. This is called Indian Coleus, or Coleus forskohlii, and it’s a tropical plant that is related to the mint plant. One reason it’s been used is because people have actually used it for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Can Forskolin Aid Weight Loss?

The answer isn’t completely clear here. There are still many studies being conducted on how Forskolin may or may not help with weight loss. So far, the majority of these are done on animals, so there isn’t a lot of supportable evidence for use on humans yet. Basically, forskolin works on the same principles as your body. It performs the same task that your body does when it needs to turn fat into energy. Forskolin releases stored fat like your body does so it can be burned as energy. But don’t go buying this supplement just yet! That isn’t enough to actually lose you weight. There needs to be a calorie deficit in one’s diet to effectively lose weight. Forskolin can’t do it all while you’re lying on the couch eating potato chips. The math is simple here: to lose weight, calories expended must exceed calories consumed.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Weight loss supplements can, in fact, support weight loss. A dietary supplement can help by inhibiting fat production, boosting metabolism, and suppressing appetite. Forskolin, unfortunately, does not seem to do anything of things, so skepticism about Forskolin supplements is valid. This doesn’t definitively mean that it cannot help, however. In fact, some clinical trials have supported the assertion that Forskolin promotes fat loss.

What Are The Benefits Of Forskolin?

As far as weight loss, Forskolin does not appear to alter much. In one trial, in which fifteen men took Forskolin and fifteen took a placebo, the Forskolin users lost no body weight. But they did lose significantly more body fat. Some reasoned that Forskolin promotes free testosterone production, which is known to stimulate the release of stored fat. In another study that was performed on women, there was no body fat loss, but it did seem to keep users from gaining weight.

Forskolin: What Is It Good For?

Absolutely something. There is still much more work to be done in this area, but I wouldn’t recommend using a forskolin supplement for weight loss. But there are other benefits to Forskolin that you might consider. For example, Forskolin can help with asthma by widening air passages in the lungs. It also increases bone mineral density, so for those with osteoporosis, Forskolin may be beneficial. If you’re a major weightlifter, you probably won’t turn to Forskolin, but nonetheless, Forskolin does increase testosterone production which helps maintain muscle mass.

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