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If you research ways to lose weight, there’s a good chance Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) may pop up. This chemical compound shows up in a variety of tropical plants, including garcinia cambogia. And there’s another name that may sound familiar. Garcinia cambogia is a small, pumpkin-like fruit that grows mainly in Southeast Asia, where it’s warm and humid. The native people here use the fruit as a flavoring agent, however they have also noticed the health benefits.
Once discovered by western scientists, they decided to look into why and how this fruit was so healthy. They researched the composition of the fruit, of course. However, they also noticed that these groups of people were among the healthiest and the longest living in the world. Not to mention, obesity simply does not exist in these populations. And it’s not like there isn’t an abundance of food. In fact, scientists believe the reason for their health is due to this one fruit.

Researchers also noticed that when extracted using safe processes, the garcinia cambogia extract is incredibly effective in reducing weight in humans. And some scientists believe that it is the hydroxycitric acid which is responsible for the health benefits. Most weight loss supplements that contain garcinia, also contain about 60% HCA. Although this amount may increase or decrease among supplement companies, it’s general consensus that this is the sweet spot for more effective weight loss.

How Does HCA Work?

Hydroxycitric acid is the ultimate fat burner because it works in three different ways to help you lose weight. First of all, and most obviously, this chemical compound burns away excess fat. It works by boosting your metabolic rate and improving the efficiency of your fat burning power. Second, HCA is able to stop fat from forming. That’s right – it can actually prevent you from gaining more fat. So, any food that you eat is used as pure energy. Lastly, this supplement ingredient may also suppress your appetite. Basically, after eating, you feel fuller for longer. So, you’re less likely to just mindlessly munch.

Side Effects Of Hydroxycitric Acid

  • Significant Weight Loss
  • Mood Regulation!
  • Curbed Cravings
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Boosted Confidence!

Can HCA Make You Happier?

In short, yes – hydroxycitric acid may also improve your sense of well-being. This is actually connected to the way it suppresses the appetite. If you have weight to lose, you may also be an emotional eater. This means that when a strong emotion occurs within your body, or you’re under a lot of stress, you may have cravings for certain types of food. Most of the time it’s junk food with a lot of empty calories. Strong emotional responses make your brain want to boost your serotonin levels. And a simple way to do this is to eat. That’s right – eating improves your serotonin production.

So, this is where HCA is extremely beneficial. But first of all, you should understand how serotonin works. Serotonin is known as a happy hormone. It’s responsible for making you feel calm, content, and well. Just like eating, HCA is able to boost serotonin production. And this completely bypasses your cravings, as well as your appetite. So you can lose weight and feel happier with just a simple formula!

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