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We’re guessing you’ve heard about juicing. This trendy diet fad involves consuming fruit and veggie juices exclusively over a period of time. Some people claim it’s one of the most effective rapid weight loss methods out there. It’s a fairly common method for burning fat and digestive detox, but under scientific scrutiny this approach doesn’t really hold up. Studies show that juicing tends to produce only temporary weight loss results, and it can deprive the body of key nutrients. One rising alternative is souping, which incorporates some similar principles. Is this a worthwhile tactic for calorie counters, and what are some souping recipes you should try?

First, let’s get the basics out of the way.

What is a Souping Diet?

Souping is a detox and weight loss method that involves getting all your nutrition together in the form of soups. Whereas juicing limits your nutrient range and doesn’t offer much fulfillment, souping is a superior method. You cover more of the bases in terms of critical dietary components. Plus, slowly eating a bowl of soup leads to a quicker feeling of fullness. Adding to this is the actual sensation of chewing and swallowing solid food. The appetite control parameters are much stronger.

This approach also is convenient and affordable; most souping recipes are easy to make with readily available grocery items. If you ever make soup then you know how simple the process is. These recipes are ideal for the individual who isn’t an ace chef.

Souping Benefits

Building your diet around souping recipes offers a number of distinct advantages. Firstly, there is the appetite suppression mentioned above. Secondly, it’s much easier to get comprehensive nutrients and fibers. Many of the most popular souping recipes include vegetable and grain/bean items. Whereas fruit juice concoctions tend to be full of sugar, they’re rare in soups. Because of all these notable advantages, souping stands out as a superior dieting option.

Top Souping Recipes

Carrot Soup: This can be a cornerstone because it’s fast and easy to fix up and quite tasty. Cook up a bunch of carrots along with whichever ingredients you enjoy — ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes and lemon juice are advisable. Puree them in a blender then bring the soup to a simmer in a pot.

White Bean Soup: This is an excellent source of protein and fiber. If you adhere to a vegetarian regimen then this one’s a winner. It is also very hearty and filling, making it a good dinner centerpiece. In order to make this one, take a pound of dried white beans and soak them in water overnight. Then boil them, covered, for about two hours until they become tender. Drain and then add them to a pot with celery, onions, carrots and spices. Simmer until all are tender and enjoy.

Cream of Mushroom: This flavorful soup brings together a lot of tastes and nutrients. To make it, slice up a bunch of mushrooms along with onions and garlic. Saute them all in a pan with butter. Throw in two tablespoons of lower and two cups of chicken broth. Add in one more tablespoon of flour, plus seasoning, to chicken. And enjoy.

One of the best things about these souping recipes is that they make awesome leftovers! One preparation will feed you and the family for several days.




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