Matcha Weight Loss

Have you heard of matcha tea? If not, it may be time to learn. This tasty beverage is gaining popularity for a number of reasons. But one of the biggest ones for its recent emergence might be the acute benefits for weight loss. People are always trying to find a great new ingredient or dietary option for boosting their slimming efforts. While there is an endless array of pills, supplements, shakes and gimmicks, it can be tough to find a solution you can count on. If you are intent on finding a natural substance with no side effects, the challenge only magnifies. This is why the matcha weight loss benefits are resonating with so many people.

What is Matcha Green Tea?

On numerous occasions in the past, we have discussed the various benefits of green tea. This natural, energizing drink can positively impact a number of health and wellness measures. Green tea supports healthy skin and can also provide a substantial metabolism boost. For many who are trying to wean themselves off of coffee, it’s a great alternative caffeine source. Matcha tea shares many basic traits with green tea, and comes from the same core ingredients, but its preparation process is quite different.

The farming and processing aspects of creating matcha tea differ. Matcha leaves grow in the shade, instead of the sun. This causes them to produce more caffeine and theanine. And while green tea usually comes in the form of a leafy extract for brewing, matcha green tea is ground to fine powder. When you drink matcha tea, you are getting the pure concentration of its original plant. Meanwhile, standard green tea is a more diluted form. As such, the matcha weight loss efficacy comes in part from its comprehensive herbal nutrient inclusion.

Matcha Weight Loss Approach

Why is the matcha weight loss impact relatively higher than regular green tea? They share some of the same attributes. Most notably, both include caffeine, which provides metabolism-stimulating effects. But the key different is in the content of the antioxidant EGCG. This stands for epicagallocatechin gallate, and it’s one of the main constituents in green tea that powers its fat-burning capabilities. ECGC shows significant weight loss benefits in studies, but the amount in green tea tends to prove insufficient. Therein lies the beauty of matcha green tea. Its ECGC content is about three times that of regular green tea. ECGC helps the body better utilize stored fat for energy, which is the exact one-two punch you look for in a slimming ingedient.

Add in the higher levels of caffeine and theanine and it’s easy to see why matcha weight loss capabilities overshadow those of green tea. Many people also find matcha tea more filling because it comes in a foamy, thick composition. This can assist appetite control to some degree, though its certainly one of the lesser effects. Matcha is also an ingredient that appears in some other forms of food, not just tea. For instance, you can find green matcha ice cream, or a matcha cupcake, or matcha cake. Obviously these sugary treats aren’t exactly going to propel weight loss but they may be better choices than standard desserts.

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